Street lighting and smart city specialist to lead the charge at upcoming EV event with solutions to support EV charging

Lucy Zodion, specialist in the design and development of power distribution equipment, street lighting controls and innovative smart city solutions, is exhibiting at the EV Summit 2019, held at Croke Park, Dublin on 24th October 2019.

The company will support B-Lex of Dublin, an established distributor to Lucy Zodion and the wider Lucy Group, on its stand in the networking area of the Summit.

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Lucy Zodion – Energising urban spaces

Working within the street lighting and highways industries for over 50 years, Lucy Zodion has a reputable position in low voltage power distribution and street lighting control. Over the past 10 years the company has also become a leading innovator in intelligent street lighting and smart city solutions, with the Ki. Smart City Platform its most intuitive solution to date.

Combining industry knowledge with technical expertise, Lucy Zodion offers an effective power distribution solution that ensures charge points have the capacity and capability to deliver energy for rapid and fast requirements. And, with high quality fused products that are compatible with most street lighting configurations, the company has solutions to transform existing street lighting infrastructure into EV charging facilities.

In addition to this, Lucy Zodion has a deep understanding of the smart city environment. It offers innovative systems that help Local Authorities gain useful insights into the challenges on the street, from street lighting to EV management. With both enabling hardware and IoT platforms providing a great opportunity for the delivery of power and insights, Lucy Zodion can help cities look at the bigger picture from kerb, right up to the cloud. All of this can optimise EV by utilising existing and ubiquitous urban infrastructure, such as streetlights.

A complete EV ecosystem

The growing demand for EV and the resulting strain charging facilities have on the electrical network drives the requirement for a step-change in the way urban infrastructure is used. In order to ensure towns and cities are able to cope with such increasing demands, collaboration throughout the entire ecosystem is vital.

Lucy Zodion’s position within the Lucy Group affords it with the ability to collaborate with Lucy Electric, specialist in innovative secondary power distribution solutions for industrial and commercial networks. Working together, Lucy companies are able to offer a holistic solution that helps to decarbonise, decentralise and digitalise urban spaces with smart, adaptive technology that considers the entire EV ecosystem and power infrastructure.

This approach doesn’t stop at power management and distribution. The companies are passionate about collaborating with EV specialists to ensure power reaches the streets in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

EV and the environment

A key driver for EV is the environmental benefits that it promotes. Reducing emissions and improving the carbon footprint of both individuals and communities, the electrification of transport has become a vital asset for cities and towns throughout the world.

The EU 2030 target outlines transport as one of its key areas for change, with an ambition for a third of new cars to be electric or hydrogen powered by 2030. This is in a bid to reduce C02 emissions by 37.5%, with new cars alone.

With such targets in place, Governments throughout the EU have set out initiatives to reach this ambitious goal and, therefore, there is a growing requirement for improved power infrastructure that will support mounting demands on the network; the last mile of the EV ecosystem.

In Ireland, this has helped to inform a roadmap of how the nation can contribute. By 2030 it is anticipated that there will be almost one million electric cars on the roads. To support this, the Irish State has announced funding for Local Authorities and the provision of 200 charge points per annum.

The Electric Vehicles Summit 2019

The Ireland EV Summit will address these issues and help businesses involved in the EV ecosystem to network, collaborate and make steps in driving change. It brings together utilities, government, vehicle manufacturers, charging providers and others involved in the supply chain to explore emerging trends and technologies.

The annual conference aims to explore the ways Ireland can make the most of the opportunities EV presents and understand the steps to take in order to encourage further adoption of electric cars into the Irish market.

Lucy Zodion looks forward to the Ireland EV Summit and invites attendees to visit its stand alongside distributor B-Lex.

To find out more about Lucy Zodion’s EV capabilities, please visit our dedicated EV page or email