Smart city specialist joins Danalto on Multinet/Multitech stand at one of Ireland’s key IoT and smart city events

SOWERBY BRIDGE, UK: Lucy Zodion Ltd, LoRa Alliance member and specialist in smart city solutions, is to attend the Smart Cities and Regions Summit 2019, held in Dublin on 9th May. The innovator will join Danalto at the Multitech stand to showcase Ki.; an IoT solution that transforms street lighting infrastructure into an interoperable ecosystem that improves efficiencies and enhances control for smarter city management.

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Introducing Ki.

As the impetus of energy efficiency and data management grows, the connected lamppost has been realised as an integral factor for smarter, more responsive cities. This, alongside the integration of IoT, means streetlights are pivotal features throughout urban areas, both now and in the future, which can provide citizens and councils alike with enhanced and more intuitive services. Lucy Zodion’s Ki. solution facilitates this…

At the Summit Lucy Zodion will demonstrate the benefits of Ki., a solution that enhances street lighting infrastructure to provide key insights into how a city is (or should be) behaving, with a series of connected hardware devices that work within an open ecosystem throughout the city.

Ki. has been developed to optimise street lighting management while making infrastructure futureproof for the integration of further sensor networks, such as the Danalto GullySpy™ service. Scalable to meet unique urban requirements, Ki. connects streetlights using a series of lightweight nodes and communicates the unique data they generate via a LoRaWAN™ enabled wireless network. The Ki. Platform then translates this data to provide insights at a glance.

Importance of interoperability

Optimised by openness, Ki. makes street lighting interoperable and scalable across a heterogeneous mix of use cases. From street lighting control to environmental sensing, flooding to traffic counting, the Ki. platform can gather and communicate various datasets for a better view of the bigger smart city picture, from a single nerve centre.

This gives City Leaders the freedom to choose smart solutions in an incremental and considered way, matching the unique needs of citizens while meeting smart city objectives, with less strain on resource.

In turn, this removes the risks proprietary solutions present and opens up a number of innovation and collaboration opportunities that help Local Authorities shape the development of their smart city, with suppliers that best meet their evolving project requirements.

Collaboration Community

Collaboration is important to Lucy Zodion. At the event, Lucy Zodion will be joining Danalto and Multinet/Multitech to reinforce the interoperability of the Ki. Platform.  As a gateway provider and Enterprise IoT solution, respectively, both companies are leaders in the IoT world transforming cities across The Republic of Ireland into smarter and better connected communities.

An open and secure smart city ecosystem starts with the streetlight. While smart devices are crucial to collect information, a secure and reliable communications network is vital to ensure bi-directional data is captured for the generation of valuable urban insights. Collaborating with industry leading specialists means smart cities can be built to match unique requirements and to solve problems based on specific municipal challenges.

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Lucy Zodion is looking forward to joining both companies at the event and helping Local Authorities unlock the potential of their smart city, with connected and interoperable solutions.

Richard Perry, Lucy Zodion’s Smart Cities Business Development Manager, comments: 

Ki. has been developed to give city leaders better control over their urban infrastructure. We will be at the Smart Cities and Regions Summit to help City Leaders unlock the many opportunities open solutions can offer.

Richard adds:

Joining Danalto on the Multinet/Multitech stand, we can help to guide attendees and provide further information about the benefits of openness when building smart cities from the ground up, starting with the streetlight and beyond.

David McDonald, Danalto’s CEO comments:

Making Smart City IoT applications a reality, such as Flood risk management, requires partnerships in order to deliver. It is great to be joining Multinet/Multitech and Lucy Zodion in Dublin to show how new low energy IoT technologies, systems and solutions can evolve legacy public realm infrastructure in an economical and smart manner

Please visit us at the Smart Cities and Regions Summit 2019, held at Croke Park, Dublin on 9th May, for more smart city insight.



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