Street lighting specialist to provide insight on the TALQ Smart City Protocol ‘the key to control system interoperability for smart cities

SOWERBY BRIDGE, UK: Lucy Zodion Ltd, market leader in the development of street lighting infrastructure and smart control solutions, will provide insight on the TALQ Smart City Protocol at the 4thInternational Street Lighting and Smart Controls Conference in Sydney, on Thursday 4th April at 3.00pm.

As a TALQ Consortium member, with over 10 years’ experience in providing smart street lighting solutions, Lucy Zodion is an advocate of the smart city protocol.  Robert Ashworth, Lucy Zodion’s Export Manager, will be speaking on behalf of TALQ under the theme; ‘The key to control system interoperability for smart cities’.

Interoperability is a key asset for the development of futureproof smart cities; this is enabled by the introduction of various specification standards that allow a universal approach to the design and delivery of interfaces that help city leaders manage their smart city. Standards, such as TALQ, allow municipalities to seamlessly control and monitor various networks, from different vendors, within a single management platform.

The talk will focus on the introduction of the new protocol, TALQ 2.0. The latest version of the specification unlocks single vendor tie in and opens up flexibility for cities to choose and adapt solutions that meet their evolving smart city requirements. This interoperable approach is part of Lucy Zodion’s smart city ethos. The introduction of Version 2.0 supports this by providing the manufacturer with a defined standard that gives Lucy Zodion the freedom to innovate, while ensuring devices and systems are futureproof and scalable

Robert will talk about the many advantages the TALQ 2.0 specification has in the world of street lighting and smart cities.

TALQ 2.0 architecture

Lucy Zodion’s established Vizion® smart street lighting CMS  solution meets the TALQ Version 1.0 standard. The introduction of Version 2.0 means that Lucy Zodion can introduce industry leading solutions that match the aspirations and needs of both peers and city leaders.

The Lucy Zodion team will be discussing TALQ and more at the upcoming International Street Lighting and Smart Controls Conference (SLSC) in Sydney. The street lighting specialist has a stand (number 17) which will offer further insight into the next generation IoT platform Ki.