Lucy Zodion will join the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) on 25th August 2020, at 2pm, in a webinar on EV charging infrastructure. In the HEA’s second series of webinars, Lucy Zodion will explore the network behind the EV charger and provide insight into low-voltage distribution and the need for a step-change in existing charging infrastructure.

Charge point manufacturers are helping to empower journeys, with conveniently positioned and accessible units located in carparks, service stations and residential areas up and down the nation. Beyond the consumer, there is now a greater need than ever for collaboration throughout the EV ecosystem to ensure both the first and final mile are addressed.

Lucy Zodion will explore the EV ecosystem and how collaboration throughout can ensure we are able to accommodate the growing need for charge points. The resulting strain EV charging has on our electrical network is driving the need for a step-change in power infrastructure, meaning safe and adaptive connection solutions are vital. Considering DNO connection, right through to the use of LV power distribution solutions, we’ll explore the network behind EV charging and how we can assist.

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