Lucy Zodion to reveal next generation open IoT platform that unlocks and aggregates urban data for informed smart city developments


Lucy Zodion Ltd, market leader in the development of street lighting infrastructure and smart city solutions, is pleased to introduce Ki. It is a next generation open IoT platform that enables cities to optimise street furniture and enhance citizen services. The solution will launch to the Australasia market at the 4th International Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SL + SC) Conference, held in Sydney on 2nd -4th April 2019.

A regular attendee at the event, Lucy Zodion will host a stand (number 17) where demonstrations and further information about Ki. will be available. The smart street lighting specialist will be attending alongside established distributor MI Systems, of Auckland.

Ki. (Pronounced ‘key’) unlocks opportunities for urban spaces, helping them to become more pro-active in their journey towards smarter and more responsive city development. From the fundamental function of street lighting control, to the management of additional sensor networks, Ki. holds the answer to energise future communities.

Communicating via an open, wireless ecosystem, enhanced by LoRaWAN™, Ki. helps to improve municipal efficiencies and enhance the lives of citizens by offering instant insights into the performance of urban assets.

Why Ki.?

As the impetus of energy efficiency and data management grows, the connected lamppost has been realised as an integral factor for smarter, more responsive cities. This, alongside the integration of IoT, means streetlights are pivotal features throughout urban areas, both now and in the future. They can provide citizens and councils alike with enhanced and more intuitive services. Lucy Zodion’s Ki. solution facilitates this…

Enhance lighting infrastructure with Ki.

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Ki. enhances street lighting infrastructure to provide key insights into how a city is (or should be) behaving. This is achieved via a series of connected hardware devices that work within an open ecosystem throughout the city. Scalable to meet unique urban requirements, Ki. connects streetlights using a series of nodes and communicates the unique data they generate via a LoRaWAN™ enabled wireless network. The Ki. Platform then communicates this data to provide insights at a glance.

Stored via a cloud-based system and accessible via an interactive dashboard, users can assess a number of key variables on the Ki. Platform. This enables them to monitor and evaluate performance, based on the unique challenges of their city.

The benefits Ki. provides are:

Generation of actionable Insights – Giving users the capacity to gain deep and valuable understanding of their smart city applications, Ki. assesses cause & effect by monitoring and evaluating asset performance and the impact this might have on communities (cities and their citizens).

Performance evaluation and analysis – Using performance analysis tools that can be integrated with existing systems, Ki. gives users the ability to interrogate various data sets via a central repository thanks to the cloud and intuitive interface.

Asset control and monitoring – Ki. gives users the capability to control and monitor asset performance across multiple connected points. Services include:

–       Energy consumption

–       Preventative maintenance

–       Fault diagnosis

John Fox, Managing Director of Lucy Zodion, says: 

The launch of Ki. is an exciting moment for Lucy Zodion. It means we can help city leaders unlock the potential of tomorrow’s cities with an open solution that not only provides a platform for street lighting management, but is scalable for further urban asset control.

“This next generation IoT system gives users instant performance updates and fault diagnosis, opening up and optimising management and control via an easy to use Platform that displays secure data, gathered from the street and stored via the cloud. The actionable insights that Ki. holds help city leaders energise communities with responsive, connected solutions that enhance municipal services, which is how we envision the smart city to behave.

Lucy Zodion is confident that its new smart city solution will energise future communities, thanks to its abundant features and unique benefits that make cities brighter; not only by way of illumination, but via the valuable urban insights Ki. is able to unlock.

Connect with Lucy Zodion 

To find out more about Ki. and how it can help city leaders build a scalable & interoperable smart city ecosystem, the Lucy Zodion team will be at stand 17. Those unable to attend are encouraged to enquire via email at