UK manufacturer of street lighting controls and power distribution equipment shortlisted for ‘Controls Product of the Year’ in prestigious lighting sector award ceremony

Lucy Zodion Ltd, manufacturer of street lighting control and power distribution equipment, has been shortlisted for a Lux Award in the category of ‘Controls product of the year’ with its innovative PrecizionHALO; an energy saving photocell optimised for the latest generation of LED low power drivers and connectors. The Award Ceremony will take place at InterContinental O2 in London on Thursday 15th November 2018, where Lucy Zodion will be up against six other manufacturers, all bidding for the coveted accolade

The photocell itself has a number of key features to ensure streetlights uphold the latest advances in technology, such as:.

  • IoT ready to ensure smart communication and sensing capabilities are easily upgraded
  • Compatible with SR driver and Zhaga approved sockets, making it interoperable with latest street lighting innovations
  • Low level luminance switching, reducing energy usage
  • Contemporary and compact footprint to complement modern luminaire design and enable design flexibility
  • 4-pin connector enabling 24V DC power supply, DALI control and LSI
  • Push and twist base fixing for simple installation, maintenance and upgrades
Precizion Group SMALLER.jpg

John Fox, Managing Director of Lucy Zodion, comments:

Being shortlisted for this award highlights just how innovative the PrecizionHALO and the Zhaga Book 18 interface is. Developing a photocell that is universally compatible with LED street lighting infrastructure and IoT technology means that all our customers can benefit from sleeker, more intelligent and cost-effective lighting control that is easy to upgrade and manage: a truly future-proof approach.

The PrecizionHALO works within an Eco-system of components to deliver harmonious functionality, installation and upgrade solutions. Connecting with Zhaga Book 18 approved components, PrecizionHALOworks to a universal standard specification to enable the integration of IoT technology within outdoor LED street lighting furniture.

PrecizionHALO Eco-system.JPG

The photocell works together with a socket and driver to form an interface that communicates, enhancing lighting control and data collection. The PrecizionHALO offers sensory inputs while also communicating with other luminaires in a network – only made possible through the SR driver, which provides power directly.  By incorporating all components within this independent eco-system, the PrecizionHALO has been developed with a smaller footprint than traditional modules, which greatly increases luminaire design flexibility.

Smart LED lighting fixtures with sensing and communication capabilities, such as the PrecizionHALO, can significantly improve the efficiency, maintenance and running costs of outdoor lighting networks, giving municipal leaders great benefits, both now and in the future.

More information about Lucy Zodion’s PrecizionHALO photocell and its commitment to street lighting innovation can be found on the dedicated product page or via the Lucy Zodion sales team.

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