Technical Support

Our in-house team of engineers and technical specialists combine experience with innovation to develop solutions that match your growing requirements. From ensuring photocells have the correct lux levels, to developing bespoke designs for special pillars, our team is here to support you.

If you have a technical enquiry about a product you have recently installed or purchased, in the first instance please check our informative product pages, most will have technical datasheets available to download. If you have searched our website and still can’t find the information you’re looking for, please see our FAQs below.

Our Technical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will provide you with the answers to some of the most common technical questions we get asked by new and existing customers. To get the answer to a question listed in the FAQs, find the product group that best matches your requirements and click on questions to expand

What is the difference between a part-night photocell and a standard photocell?

What does positive and negative ratio mean?

How do I find the UMSUG/ charge code for Lucy Zodion photocells?

How do I wire up a photocell?

How do I wire up a photocell socket?

What photocell format should I choose?

How do I know the typical burning hours of a photocell?

I have a SS4D photocell but it isn't working as it should. Why is this?

Can I use a photocell internally to control hi-bay lighting?

What is a photocell switching ratio?

I've found a photocell I want to buy but I need to know the price. Where can I find product prices?

I need a replacement key for a feeder pillar I have installed, which key will work?

I know which feeder pillar I need to buy, but I need more information on how to install it. Where can I find this?

What is the difference between a 'special pillar' and a pre-wired & equipped pillar?

I'm looking to buy a pre-wired pillar and have an idea of what I would like, what information do you need?

Can I use the Westminster for EV charging

What material options are available for standard, special and pre-wired feeder pillars?

What size supply cable can I run to a Westminster?

How do you operate the Westminster?

Are your pillars under warranty?

What is the difference between a cut out and an isolator?

I need a cut out/ isolator, but don't know which product I should choose, can you help?

What standards should I look for when buying a cut out or isolator?

What is a tracking index?

What do the different cable sizes mean for cut outs?

Can cut outs or isolators be used in any other application, other than street lighting?

I want to replace my existing cut out/ isolator but it is not manufactured by Lucy Zodion, do you supply similar products?

I've found a cut out/ isolator I want to buy but I need to know the price. Where can I find product prices?

Do you provide product training for cut outs and isolators?

What is the difference between single pole and double pole?

What are the UMSUG/ charge codes of Vizion® hardware?

How do I wire up a Vizion® node or collector?

How does Vizion® communicate throughout the CMS?

Whilst on the Vizion® system a menu / graphic has disappeared that used to work OK. What can I do about this?

I have entered the wrong password more than three times and the system has locked me out. How may I remedy this?

I have been using the “Group On” facility (by collector). When I re-powered the collector its nodes will not come under its control and continue to day-burn, no matter what instructions I send. How can I get control of my nodes?

The nodes do not seem to be following their time profiles, what could be wrong?

All the nodes linked to my collector have lost communications, what could this be?

I recently retro-fitted DALI nodes to what were stand-alone DALI drivers, but the Nodes won’t dim these drivers. What is the problem?

Nodes that I installed previously in the year (and were working OK) have lost communications with the Collector, what could the problem be?

I'm a previous Harvard customer/user, what do I do now?

We have a dedicated technical support team that might be able to help you