Feeder Pillars

Energise urban spaces with Lucy Zodion's extensive range of Feeder Pillars

Steel Pillars and Power Distribution Enclosures

Available in standard sizes, with an in-house Design Centre for bespoke pre-wired solutions, Lucy Zodion’s power distribution enclosures are built with duribility and safety in mind. Suitable for exterior and interior use, the materials we employ to build enclosures and feeder pillars have characteristics that ensure they withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions. Furthermore, there are a number of additional paint, finish and material options available to make our shells suit your project specification, ensuring they continue to perform whatever the application need.

Power distribution equipment helps to energise each touch point of everyday life. From streetlights and highways, to airports and retail parks, power distribution is the pulse of urban and transport infrastructure; supplying and protecting equipment and the public throughout our towns, cities and highways. For this reason it is important that solutions meet specific application needs, are manufactured to the highest standard and supported by utmost levels of customer service. Lucy Zodion delivers best in class solutions from concept design, to manufacture and maintenance. We have many years’ experience in delivering a wide range of market leading products across many sectors, including;
• Street Lighting
• Highways
• EV Charging
• Airports
• Rail
• Retail & Leisure
• Urban Regeneration
• Utilities

In-ground power pillars

Providing power from ground to socket in a matter of seconds, Lucy Zodion’s Westminster range of in-ground pillars are fully equipped for on-demand power supply, whenever it is required.

In-ground Power Units

Power-up on demand with Lucy Zodion's in-ground pop-up pillars

Steel Pillar Range

Also known as the ‘Fortress’ or ‘Lucy Pillar’ range, Lucy Zodion’s wide selection of steel pillar shells come in a number of sizes, finishes and treatments to ensure they meet your power distribution requirements. All products in this range come with:

  • Root section
  • Tri head lock (Wedge lock for Double door Pillars)
  • Plywood backboard
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Slim Line Pillars

Lucy Zodion Slim Line pillars are available in six sizes, in a range of materials, to meet the needs of most installation requirements.

Mini Pillars

Lucy Zodion Mini pillars are available in seven sizes to meet the needs of most small installations.

Single Door Pillars

Lucy Zodion single door pillars are available in six sizes, in a range of materials, to meet the needs of most installation requirements.

Double Door Pillars

Lucy Zodion’s double door pillars are available in nine sizes and a range of materials, to meet the needs of most installation requirements.

Special Pillars, Pre-wired and EV solutions

Take control of the distribution and management of low voltage power, right from the start, with specialist wiring and custom designs from Lucy Zodion. Working on a range of electrical installations throughout a large cross-section of industries, including EV, we can create special pillar shells or custom electrical configurations that work for you.

Electric Vehicle Charging Supply Pillars

Our standard range of pre-wired supply pillars for EV charging come in four sizes and can supply power for up to 54 fast charge points, 12 rapid charge points and 2 super.

Special Pillars

Lucy Zodion’s special pillars are built based on custom size and format requirements, to meet most specifications.

Pre-wired Pillars

Take control of the distribution and management of municipal power and electrical hotspots right from the start, with specialist wiring and bespoke designs from Lucy Zodion

Cast Iron Heritage Pillars

Lucy Zodion’s range of heritage enclosures are manufactured using high quality cast iron. Built to suit surrounding landscapes, where architectural or historical integrity is important, our cast iron enclosures sympatheitcally blend into to heritage environments

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Cast Iron Pillars

Also known as the “Lucy Pillar”, cast iron pillars are used to preserve architectural character and uphold the listed credentials that help to promote a site’s heritage –…

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From pre-wired enclosures that are ready to install against specification, to solutions that challenge convention to meet unique power distribution requirements, Lucy Zodion’s in-house Design Centre has the knowledge and expertise to develop a solution that fits

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