Ki. Gen 3 Hardware

Ki. is a secure and interoperable ecosystem of smart city hardware and software backed by a UK based service team with extensive industry knowledge. The internal antenna enables the Ki. Node to connect with other assets in the ecosystem via LoRaWAN or/and Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT), creating a two-way digital data flow.

Depending on the project, choosing the right communication technology can improve the system performance and can even reduce installation costs.

Both LoRaWAN™ and Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) can be used side by side.

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Standard LoRaWAN uses 128-bit AES encryption. The node will encrypt the data payload using AES128 before loading it into a LoRaWAN frame. The frame is then encrypted again before being sent over the network using AES128. This ensures end to end encryption between the Ki. node and the Central Management System (CMS).

LoRaWAN Ki. Node One Zhaga

LoRaWAN Ki. Node Two NEMA

LoRaWAN Ki. Node Integral

LoRaWAN Ki. Node Two Zhaga

LoRaWAN Ki. Node One NEMA

Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) is an IoT narrowband RF communication technology provided by major telecom companies and uses the mobile network to connect.  As any carrier-grade communication technology, it comes with increased security and uptime guarantees.  It provides excellent penetration, so it can be used in high density urban areas.

NB-IoT Ki. Node Integral

NB-IoT Ki. Node Two Nema

NB-IoT Ki. Node Two ZHAGA

NB-IoT Ki. Node One ZHAGA

NB-IoT Ki. Node One Nema