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We help to make your smart system work for you and your community...

Whether you’re looking for assistance in setting up your intelligent street lighting scheme, or you’d like to enhance the performance of smart urban assets for optimum results, the Lucy Zodion Services Team has the know-how to guide you on your way to making your smart city more responsive and intuitive.

  • Choose from a range of services for personalised support that matches your unique needs
  • Work with a team of pros to unearth insights from your connected ecosystem
  • Enhance performance and efficiencies with customised reports that inform improvements

A support network that fits you and your evolving needs…

Lucy Zodion’s Services Team provides you with the knowledge, expertise and confidence to keep your smart city relevant and responsive. Choose from a suite of service offerings, based on your specific needs, so you can free-up resource to focus on what matters most.

We understand that managing urban assets can become a big task, especially as your connected infrastructure grows. That’s why we’ve introduced our Services. It means you receive informed support to help enhance your ecosystem for optimal performance delivery.

Whether you’re implementing a completely new solution, or upgrading an existing one, we will help you optimise your urban assets with knowledgeable and informed advice, based on the in-depth assessments and audits carried out by our team.

This extra level of support means you’ll receive sound advice on the measures to take to get the most out of your scheme. We’ll even implement changes, should you require, for hassle-free platform management.

Service Offering

We help you take control, with selectable services...

We offer a number of services that cover most aspects of your smart city or street lighting scheme, and the way it functions. Simply choose those that match your requirements and our Services Team will be at hand to give reliable advice and sound guidance, from training right through to tailored service plans.

System Health Check

If you’ve got an existing solution, but want to make sure it’s working as expected, our System Health Check is a good place to start. We’ll review the performance of your entire scheme and how this compares to your requirements, by running a number of thorough checks.

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Managed Services

As your ecosystem evolves, the number of assets within it will naturally increase, as will the data they generate. So you get the most from your system, our Managed Services ensure there’s someone at hand to help you keep everything running how it should, with your objectives in mind.

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It might not be possible for you to completely install and commission your scheme, or add certain devices onto it. Our Consultancy service means that you’ll receive high quality advice and guidance on the steps required to do so, from a team of pros.

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System Integration

We’ll integrate your scheme into an existing platform or asset database for you, so you can focus on other areas of your urban infrastructure.

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Whether you have an existing system, or you’re about to deploy a new scheme, there may be some things you just can’t get to grips with. Our Training service will bring you up to speed in no time with the latest features and handy shortcuts that help you navigate your way around the platform like a pro.

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Device Commissioning

There are a few important things to consider when adding new devices to a scheme, or setting up a completely new one. To make sure nodes or sensors are integrated successfully, we offer a Device Commissioning service, which might take away the headache a little. Regardless of the age of your scheme, we have the know-how to help you get up and running.

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Platform Configuration

Your platform acts as the nerve centre for all your intelligent street lighting or smart city data. This means you’re able to control an entire region of infrastructure at the simple touch of a button. If you feel like you might need a hand configuring your platform so it works for you, our team can help.

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Support Portal

The Lucy Zodion Support portal has been developed to provide you with an online hub that helps resolve common events or issues affecting the way your smart city or intelligent street lighting system is behaving. It’s been designed so you can quickly access the tools you need to notify the Lucy Zodion Services team about any issues you may be experiencing and how this might be affecting you, your team or your community.

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