Helping drive down costs and improve energy efficiencies, the Lucy Zodion photocell range is extensive to suit most lantern designs and switching requirements. With a portfolio of one and two-part, miniature, Zhaga and special photocells, as well as full and part-night versions, our quality range ensures high switching accuracy for a number of applications.

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Photocell Tech Tool Kit

Our range of NEMA photocells has been developed to integrate with streetlight luminaires, after manufacture. Photocells in this range are available in the NEMA connection format. They house photo-electric control in a UV stabilised polycarbonate cone for prolonged use and consistent performance.


Super 6


Our range of part-night photocells is available in miniature (20mm hole) and NEMA connection types. The microcontroller used in Lucy Zodion's part-night photocells measures the time elapsed between selected symmetrical light levels in the evening and morning, for accurate switching. This makes the range energy efficient, for optimum cost-savings.
The Lucy Zodion range of miniature and sub-miniature photocells has been designed to consider a number of different luminaire styles and sizes. They are installed within the luminaire itself to offer discreet, efficient and high performing street light control.

SS12C & SS12CXii

SS12-R (remote)

SS14 Range

MicroMINI Pro

Lucy Zodion’s Zhaga photocells consider the latest technical developments in LED streetlights. Compact, simple to install and upgrade, Zhaga photocells work with approved components for improved efficiency, universal interoperability and are futureproof for smart city requirements.


We have a range of photocells for use in domestic, industrial and commercial environments. They are used to keep public spaces safe and secure, while improving efficiencies.

SS4 series photocells (SS4ED)

One-part SS4 series photocells (SS4D)

SS4 Photocell Kit


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NEMA Socket Bracket

L415 socket (standard and with studs)


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