Client: Manx Utilities 

Location: Isle of Man 

Completed: October-23 

Products: DNO EV Feeder Pillars  



In alignment with the Isle of Man Government’s commitment to mitigate climate change, Manx Utilities, the Island’s public mains water, wastewater and electricity provider, and DNO on the Isle of Man is spearheading efforts to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs).  

By transitioning to cleaner transportation options, the Isle of Man aims to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, cut air pollution, and shrink its carbon footprint. Recognising the pivotal role of EVs in achieving these goals, Manx Utilities has embarked on a strategic plan to develop a sustainable public charging network across the Island. A commitment to deliver the 1:10 European ratio of EV charge points to registered vehicles. 


Manx Utilities contacted Lucy Zodion to provide a modular electrical distribution solution for their state-of-the-art charging infrastructure – an initiative aimed at enhancing the existing network of over 20 charge points maintained by Manx Utilities. Many of these points are undergoing refurbishment, while multiple new chargers are being strategically installed in picturesque locations across the Island, including Peel (pictured), a seaside town and fishing port.  

We are continuing to supply EVIS Feeder Pillars to Manx Utilities to meet the increasing demand for EV’s being registered on the Island.  A variety of charge points are being installed, ranging from 7kW on street solutions to 75kW charge points within car parks where members of the public are seeking quick charging.  Once installed, the modular configuration of our pillars ensures that sites can be easily upgraded to meet future demand as new chargers are installed (subject to load balancing), with features such as anti-condensation heaters, DNO space and PEN fault detection technology included as standard.  


Mark Christian, Business Development Project Delivery Manager at Manx Utilities commented, “We chose to partner with Lucy Zodion for their unparalleled flexibility in designing and manufacturing EV pillars tailored to our specific needs. Their continued support has been invaluable as we expand our charging infrastructure to meet the growing demand on the Isle of Man.  

“The pre-wired pillar reduces time spent onsite, which is pivotal when working in heavy pedestrianised areas and busy roads, minimising the period required for road and footpath closures and associated signing and guarding.”