Vizion® Street Lighting CMS

The Vizion® system is a brighter solution for efficient and effective street lighting control. It makes lighting networks more intuitive through a series of nodes and collectors, controlled and monitored via an online Central Management System (CMS). Switch and vary light output from any web enabled device. Benefit from accurate control, monitoring and reporting to better identify faults, energy consumption, performance and maintenance requirements – all at the touch of a button.

As the impetus of energy efficiency grows, local authorities are under increasing pressure to upgrade their municipal assets. Streetlights are ubiquitous throughout the city and rely on power to provide a guiding light for citizens. With budgets ever tightening and legislation driving citywide improvements, as well as mounting urbanisation influencing population growth in cities, there’s an obvious challenge in making such changes cost effective and manageable as developments evolve. Streetlights are a good place to start…

Taking lighting control to the next level, for improved street lighting efficiencies and management, street lighting CMS platforms wirelessly communicate with connected hardware using radio technology. This helps city leaders monitor and manage the behaviour of an entire street lighting network, remotely. Making street lighting control more manageable and flexible, with cost saving a key benefit, smart street lighting solutions help municipalities embark on their journey into making their city smart. This is achieved by transforming lampposts into connected urban assets, something we’ve been dedicated to for a decade.

Vizion® Collector

Monitor and control street lighting networks with the Vizion® Collector. The Vizion® Collector is a two way transmitting module that sits within a localised network of nodes and installed upon…

Vizion® Conduit UniNode

Wireless street lighting control. The Vizion® Conduit UniNode is designed for street lighting columns with 20mm wire connection

Vizion® 5/7 Pin NEMA UniNode

Wireless street lighting control. The DALI 5/7 NEMA Node is designed for street lighting luminaires with either 5 or 7 pin connection points.

Ki. smart city platform

Smart City IoT Platform

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