Lucy Zodion provide Vizion CMS solution for Cleethorpes Festive Lights


Lucy Zodion has worked with the team at North East Lincolnshire for more than 15 years. For this project, J McCann, contractors to the council approached Lucy Zodion Ltd to research lighting solutions to reduce the costs of maintaining and dynamically controlling the festive lights in Cleethorpes. After initial proposals, J McCann and North East Lincolnshire Council worked together with Lucy Zodion Ltd to implement a new system.


NELC council chose to use Lucy Zodion Vizion central management system which uses wireless technology to monitor and control street lighting remotely and to manage the switching on and off of all the festive lights in Cleethorpes.

55 nodes were fitted to the festive lights in and around Cleethorpes, which then feed data into the Vizion system. Vizion acts as a communication system for controlling the festive lights via the internet. It also serves as a monitoring tool, so that the council can see where there maybe problems with specific lights and produces reports relating to the lighting stock. This includes providing details about efficiency and energy consumption.


The festive lights at Cleethorpes are turned on five times a year including Christmas and Easter and during other key holiday periods. Prior to the installation of Vizion, NELC used an analogue system that required the labour intensive manual switching on and off of lights. With Vizion this is now all done centrally and remotely via a laptop or computer. The NELC council has not only reduced costs in terms of labour but it has eliminated the need to employ a contractor to undertake this time consuming work.


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