Lucy Zodion provides a Vizion CMS system for Derry Council


As part of Derry’s preparation for City of Culture status in 2013, Derry City Council is undertaking a restoration of the Grade A listed Guildhall building in Guildhall Square. Lucy Zodion was appointed to work with Urbis Lighting to devise a bright, carbon efficient and flexible lighting scheme for Guildhall Square that would be controlled by Lucy Zodion’s Vizion Central Management System.


Two purpose built columns one measuring 16 metres and the other 14 metres have been positioned outside the Guildhall along with two conventional 10-metre columns. These feature a number of bespoke lanterns containing Phillips Cosmopolis lamps powered by Lucy Zodion’s ZEBC ballasts. The lanterns provide an impressive lighting scheme for Guildhall Square that is programmed and managed via the Vizion Central Management System. An additional 17 lanterns will also be controlled by the Vizion CMS.

The collector, which acts as the communication hub for the scheme, is positioned directly on top of the 16-metre column. From this vantage point it communicates remotely with a number of Nodes, which have been supplied by Lucy Zodion, that were installed on the Urbis Lighting lanterns.


The tailor-made scheme designed for Derry City Council by Lucy Zodion gives the council total control over when the street lights outside the Guildhall are switched on and off and also enables it to dim the lights if required without compromising on the affect achieved or public safety and convenience.