Lucy Zodion provides a solution for LCC School Crossing Units


Lucy Zodion Ltd has worked with Lancashire County Council for over 20 years. In early 2012 the Council began a programme of improvements to the safety crossing units at all of its schools. Firstly signs and school flasher signs are being installed to reduce the speed limit to 20 miles per hour around the school drop off and pick up zones. Secondly, new unit controls are being fitted to some of the school crossing and patrol signs which would be controlled remotely using the existing Vizion Central Management system. The objectives were to improve road safety in the vicinity of its schools and to reduce energy consumption and costs in line with Lancashire County Council’s targets.


240 Unit controls were fitted over the duration of the year across the whole of Lancashire. Prior to the installation of the new control units, all school crossing signs were either switched on manually or didnt exist at all. For the school flasher signs the manual method of control is not always practical so an alternative solution was required. Lucy Zodions Vizion Central Management System provided a solution that would make it possible for Lancashire County Council to control the times that its school crossing units were turned on and off. The Council can now plan and automate the lights remotely for school holidays, mornings and afternoons as the school year progresses.

The Vizion system has also been able to provide searchable data relating to the condition of the lighting stock. This means that Lancashire County Council can identify any school crossing lighting stock that is in need of repair and can arrange for engineer visits during the day.


The new system reduces the need for manual activation of the signals, this produces costs savings in terms of time and energy as council employees are no longer required to be on site in order to activate the signs. It also allows individual schools to be able to send a text message to the Vizion system to request the lights and signs to be switched for one-off events such as parents evenings and open day. The remote control ensures maximum road safety for all school children and their families.