Lucy Zodion provides a Vizion CMS for Stockport Council to monitor its streetlighting installation


Lucy Zodion Ltd was appointed by Stockport Council to supply lighting controls.


Zodions Vizion central management system which uses wireless technology to monitor and control street lighting remotely to manage its lighting. On completion around 3,000 Central Management Nodes will have been fitted to selected street lights in and around the streets of Stockport. These nodes communicate with a collector, which then feeds data gathered into the Vizion system.

Vizion acts as a communication system for controlling street lighting via the internet. It also serves as a monitoring tool, so local authorities can see where there may be potential problems with specific lights and produces reports relating to a Councils lighting stock. This includes providing details about efficiency and energy consumption.

In addition to using the Vizion system, historically Lucy Zodion has also supplied tens of thousands of SS6 units for Stockports photocell units for Stockports maintenance teams. Furthermore, Lucy Zodion has also supplied ZEBC electronic ballasts for routine maintenance, and fitted ballasts as standard into luminaires supplied by lantern manufacturers.


Using Lucy Zodion as the supplier of the Central Management System assists Stockport Council to deliver services more effectively. The Vizion Central Management System reports lamp faults (predictive and actual) and energy usage. Stockport Council will be able to efficiently and effectively plan their maintenance regime when the project has been delivered in early 2013.

Councillor Kevin Hogg, Stockport Councils Executive Member for the Public Realm, said: With energy prices expected to rise further, the initiative is clearly a win-win situation for the Council. The 3,000 new street lights will reduce our energy and maintenance costs and lower our carbon emissions while reducing energy consumption by 30% on this part of the network. The lights are also more efficient as they have the technology to automatically self-report any defects.