Lucy Zodion held a presentation on Friday 1st October 2021 for Michelle Collins, who has worked at the Sowerby Bridge based company for 35 years.

This exceptional accomplishment was marked with a presentation in the Lucy Zodion Factory, to recognise Michelle’s commitment to Lucy Zodion and celebrate the milestone achievement.

Starting at Lucy Zodion in 1986, Michelle has worked on various products at a number of different sites, as the company has moved and expanded over the years. Michelle started work with Lucy Zodion, which was then known as FKI (Fisher Karpark Industries) / Cableform, working on low voltage caravan lights. The factory was then based at Gratrix Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

Michelle has worked at the current Lucy Zodion site, since the company moved in 2004. She is now a Team Leader for the production of fused products (street lighting cut outs and isolators); with product training completed in Thame, for three weeks.

Reflecting on her time at Lucy Zodion, Michelle says:

I see the people at Lucy Zodion as an extended family. Over the years I have been through some tough times; if it wasn’t for the support of my friends at Lucy Zodion, I don’t know what I would have done. The people I work with have helped make my experience at Lucy Zodion memorable.

We wish Michelle all the best with her milestone celebrations and hope more fond memories are made in the following years.