Throughout 2019 Lucy Zodion will focus its fundraising efforts towards Overgate Hospice, a local charity that has a close link with the company and its employees

Lucy Zodion Ltd, Sowerby Bridge based street lighting specialist, announces Overgate Hospice as its 2019 Charity of the Year after fundraising success throughout 2018 (link to ‘Lucy Zodion raises over £1000 for charity in 2018’ article).

Lucy Zodion will endeavour to engage in a number of fundraising activities throughout 2019. The decision to choose Overgate as its main Charity for the Year was unanimous throughout the company as, not only is it a local organisation, it helped to provide Lucy Zodion employee Nick Swan with dignified and respectful assistance in his final days last year, after sadly losing his battle with a brain tumour.

About Overgate Hospice

Overgate Hospice is a Charity based in Calderdale (the region Lucy Zodion operates in). It is dedicated to caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses. Since opening in 1981, the Charity has cared for over 9,000 people and their families. The Hospice offers free care, counselling and respite for patients (and their families), as well as providing various wellbeing services to help patients gain a positive outlook after their diagnosis.

Each day it costs the Charity around £7,000 to provide a patient, like Nick, effective care and assistance; that’s £3.5million each year. Although partially funded by the Government and the National Health Service (NHS), with around 27% of funding coming from Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Charity is heavily reliant on donations to help reach the remaining £2.5 million.

Overgate Hospice in numbers

While being a great legacy for Nick, the fundraising activities throughout the year are vital in helping the charity generate the necessary funds to continue offering such valuable services, for free. Throughout 2017/18, Overgate helped the community in the following ways:

  • 261 patients admitted to inpatient unit
  • 12 days average length of stay
  • 6 days average length of stay for respite patients
  • 2135 attendances at day hospice
  • 760 counselling sessions
  • 34% of patients discharged


In order to ensure these figures continue to rise, Lucy Zodion’s fundraising schedule for 2019 is filling up fast with a whole host of activities. From sweepstakes to bake-offs, Charity runs to seasonal raffles, Lucy Zodion is confident that its efforts will raise both awareness and funds to contribute to the running costs of the Charity. More information on fundraising activities will be revealed throughout the year.

Check out our CSR page for more information on our fundraising activities