The company measures a wide range of recycling activity to monitor performance against targets, with almost 20% increase in recycled waste in 12 months

Lucy Zodion Ltd, street lighting and power distribution specialist, continues its ongoing commitment in its aim of zero waste to landfill, with consistent improvements in its waste recycling activity.

Lucy Zodion is committed to the protection of the environment and maintains ISO 14001 registration to support its endeavours. The company is constantly looking at ways it can enhance both environmental and business performance, as well as ensure expectations of regulatory compliance and other best practices are met.

A main consideration is to minimise the creation of wastes and pollution, with the following core aims:

  • Remove
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

The above approach covers:

  • Energy and resource usage
  • Materials (including packaging)
  • Waste (including hazardous and general waste)
  • Overall Environmental Impact Within our business, products, suppliers, stakeholders and other interested parties.

2019 targets

The company’s targets for 2019 are to reduce waste by 10% and counteract this with a 10% increase in the waste it recycles. On its latest 2019 review, Lucy Zodion reported that waste recycling has consistently improved and exceeded its initial goals.

In 2018 Lucy Zodion recycled 67% of its waste. In comparison, today (in 2019) the company is currently at 83%, almost a 20% increase in less than twelve months. Furthermore, as Lucy Zodion is a zero waste to landfill business, the remaining 17% is Refuse Derived Fuel waste (RDF). RDF is produced from domestic and business waste, which includes biodegradable material as well as plastics. Non-combustible materials such as glass and metals are removed, and the residual material is then shredded.

Reducing single use plastics

In light of these impressive results, Lucy Zodion is also looking into reducing the amount of single use plastics it produces, uses and receives. As part of its environmental improvement objectives, a number of key areas have been identified.

Through this, Lucy Zodion will be implementing a trial in October, where it will remove plastic tape from despatched packaging. Although a small step, it’s a move in the right direction to help change both the culture and processes when it comes to sourcing and using disposable wares.

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