We’re proud to reaffirm our continued support for Overgate Hospice, honouring the memory of a beloved employee and continuing our mission to provide support to those with life-limiting illnesses. 

During a recent visit, Lucy Zodion’s Operations team proudly presented Overgate Hospice with our most recent donation, £1,000, raised through annual raffles and fundraising events. 

Overgate Hospice, based in Calderdale, has provided invaluable care to local people and their families since 1981. The charity relies on donations, legacies and fundraising to meet its £5.9 million running costs each year.  

Lucy Zodion’s commitment to Overgate Hospice was solidified in 2019 when the entire company chose it as their main charity beneficiary. This decision was influenced by the care provided to Lucy Zodion employee Nick Swan in his final days in 2018. 

Driven by their connection to Overgate’s mission, Lucy Zodion is determined to alleviate the charity’s financial burden through various fundraising activities, from sweepstakes to bake-offs. 

You can find out more about Overgate and their work in the Calderdale community by visiting their website, here.