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THM0014962 - Trojan single fuse isolator

NTM02-NEB2-NG06 with plastic plate with 2 grommets & 6mm2 x 350mm tails fitted

THM0010211- Titan single fuse isolator

NT06-TT-NEF-NG25 with earth block and small 2-way extension trough with brass plate with 2 x 20mm tubes

THM0126464 - Trojan triple fuse isolator

NTW03 (3 head column)-EB2N1-NED-2T3-NG25 with internal earth & neutral block and large 2-way extension trough with 2TT live, neutral and earth terminal blocks  brass plate with 2 x 20mm…

Wedge lock

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We have a team of in-house specialists to provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to understanding the power distribution requirements for your project. Our Design Centre has a team with vast experience on low voltage power distribution solutions.

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