Isolators & Cut Outs

The Lucy Zodion cut out and isolator range is extensive to suit most street lighting power requirements. With single fuse, twin fuse and triple fuse isolators and cut outs in both single pole and double pole options, Lucy Zodion’s fused products are simple to install yet reliable and hard wearing for prolonged use. Providing a high level of safety and protection for the electrical connections within street lighting columns and amenity lighting, Lucy Zodion’s cut outs and isolators are designed to British Standards with a number of industry leading features that make them reliable and hard wearing.

Lucy Zodion’s Titan range of twin fuse street lighting cut outs have been designed and tested to meet BS 7654 and manufactured with high quality engineering thermoplastics. Complete with earth blocks, twin fuse Titan cut outs are available with extension troughs, brass gland plates, grommets, holes and tubes to meet a wide range of  configuration requirements

THM0010743 - Titan twin fuse cut out

Lucy Zodion’s Trojan range of single fuse isolators are suitable for a wide range of installations, including street lighting. They offer a variety of solutions for an ever more connected world.

THM0122926 - Trojan single phase EV isolator

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