While street lighting provides a fundamental and functional role in illuminating our streets, roads and highways, it can also be instrumental in ensuring cities are appealing and attractive places to live. An example of this is the way urban spaces are transformed into winter wonderlands, over the festive period.

Using the existing infrastructure of lampposts, inner-city outdoor lighting networks can help to create festive features when the season approaches. Our festive units have been developed to aid villages, towns and cities in the transformation of street lighting as control panels for decorative illuminations.

About the Lucy Zodion Festive Unit

Trojan Festive

The Lucy Zodion Festive Unit is based on the Trojan Maxi range of isolators. The Trojan Festive acts as a mini distribution board which enables the addition of further lighting onto a single lamppost, making it ideal for applications such as Christmas lighting.

Just like our standard range of Trojan Maxis, the Festive Unit is able to accept up to four DIN modules, e.g. 32A isolators, fuse carriers, MCBs, RCBOs, RCDs, digital and analogue time clocks. The festive isolator is typically installed into the bottom of the column, providing a method of protecting both the infrastructure, as well as the general public when an RCBO or RCD is installed.

In the instance where the Festive Unit might not fit existing street lighting columns, it is also possible to mount it onto the lamppost itself, within a box and socket that have IP67 rating.

Bolton Festive unit in IP67 box

Why use the Trojan Festive Unit?

Festive Units are a cost effective way to prepare for special seasonal events, while ensuring street lighting illumination is both functional and safe. They enable Local Authorities to take control of how their decorative outdoor lighting is installed and protected, while being able to better manage energy costs, as Festive Units can be programmed to precisely set times of illumination.

Additionally they transform street lighting columns into power distribution hubs, allowing for additional lighting configurations to be added and removed when the festive period comes and goes. This makes existing street lighting infrastructure more versatile, therefore helping to optimise street furniture that is already installed, for improved cost efficiencies.

The benefits

There are a number of benefits the Festive Unit is able offer, explore these below:

Extends use of Streetlight

When installed in the bottom of the column, the Festive Unit is able to make the streetlight a multi-purpose asset. Its street-level position removes the need for additional (and costly) maintenance gear such as cherry pickers, making periodic checks accessible and switching adjustments of the festive circuit easy.

By installing a Festive Unit, the streetlight is not only able to provide standard on-street illumination, but can safely distribute and control other lighting for various seasonal or community events.

Safe and Reliable

As with all Lucy Zodion fused products, the Festive unit is built in accordance with relevant industry and testing standards. These include:

  • 32A Isolator Conforms to IEC/EN 60947-3
  • Category of Duty: AC22B
  • BS88 Fuse holder KEMA tested to IEC/EN 60269-1
  • IP43 rating
  • High grade flame retardant ABS enclosure


The Trojan Festive Isolator is highly configurable to match a large range of electrical connections and specifications. From metering units to fuse holders, the isolator can be configured to meet specific requirements. It is also available with a number of different extension troughs to accept a range of cable sizes up to 35mm2.

It’s not just for Christmas! Although the name might seem to suggest that festive units can only be used for Christmas illuminations, they are actually suitable to support any form of decorative lighting. Of course, as events such as Christmas, Diwali and Eid fall in the darker months, the units are most popular as illumination is more visible against darker skies.

But that doesn’t mean festive units can’t support other community celebrations, year round. From Hallowe’en to Chinese New Year, events can be marked in style, without the need for major changes to existing street lighting infrastructure or urban furniture.

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