Lucy Zodion provide a Vizion CMS for Bradford MBC to save energy


Lucy Zodion has worked with the street lighting design and maintenance engineers at the City of Bradford Municipal Borough Council for over 20 years. Until 2008 its main role was the provision of street lighting controls, photocells, but more recently it has been tasked with supplying and supporting a number of Central Management System projects across the city.


In all, Lucy Zodion has provided the City of Bradford Council with 17 separate Central Management System projects based on its Vizion CMS system. These vary in size from 11 lighting columns on Flockton Road to a group of 287 lighting columns on Thornton Road. To date over 1000 lighting points have been incorporated into a CSM system within the city.

The equipment has been installed by Bradfords own DLO and specialist street lighting subcontractors with Zodion initially assisting with system data entry and the provision of training, to ensure that the client understands how the system works and therefore can achieve the maximum benefit from its installation.

Vizion makes it possible to monitor and control lighting in specific areas and on main thoroughfares. Through the CMS system the City of Bradford Council can introduce dimming and part night lighting on a temporary or permanent basis to minimize energy consumption and control costs.

Whilst to date the deployment has concentrated on new installations, the Vizion nodes and collectors can be retrofitted to existing lanterns as further CMS systems are introduced. As Vizion can be rolled out to small schemes and large cities alike, it offers a high level of flexibility and efficiency.

Lucy Zodion has also assisted the City of Bradford Council with the integration of Vizion into its chosen asset manager, Symology. Via the WiMAC868 system Vizion components are compatible with other systems using the same protocol, avoiding any requirement for a costly investment in new technology.


The new central managements systems installed so far in Bradford provide the council with a flexible and easy way of remotely controlling its lighting stock now and in the future. Lighting regimes can be altered area by area to suit changing conditions and taking into account cost and environmental concerns. The City of Bradford Council is also currently installing Vizion equipment into all new Section 38 and 278 work and is hopeful that a CMS strategy may be included in the forthcoming energy reduction policy.

Allun Preece, Principle Engineer at City of Bradford MBC, said “Vizion is the only system we have tried that has worked effectively” and praised Lucy Zodion’s outstanding customer service and support.