Project Sumary

  • Project name: Generating new life for Saint Blaise Square
  • Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • Date of completion: 2017
  • Products used: Bespokpower distribution unit


Saint Blaise Square in Bradford, West Yorkshire, recently won an industry award for its innovative outdoor lighting scheme. Winning Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year at the prestigious LuAwards 2017, the scheme used a combination of LEDs, luminaires and power distribution equipment to create a spectacular result.

Located in Bradford’s city centre as a thoroughfare for commuters and shoppers, Saint Blaise Square has recently been transformed from a forgotten and neglected part of the city, into a functional yet welcoming area for the public to enjoy. Saint Blaise Square has a number of historic features that characterise its Yorkshire heritage, such as its railway arches. These are now the main attraction of the Square, which are beautifully lit with LEDs that provide colourful light in each archway with a breath-taking effect.

Powered by a vast length of electricity and data cables, concealed in an intricate layout of underground ducts and chambers, the lighting system is controlled by a discretely positioned feeder pillar, designed and supplied by Lucy Zodion, which houses associated electrical equipment

The Challenge

The Square’s regeneration is part of a city-wide initiative to upgrade public areas, in order to instill a sense of safety and warmth for citizens who frequent such parts of the centre daily. The main challenge for Lucy Zodion was to ensure the enclosure was not only safe, but able to accommodate all the isolation points for the vital electrical equipment that powers the scheme. The solution also needed to be spacious and secure as it was to house the DMcontrols associated with 6LEDs.

Key Objectives

• Above all, the product needed to be secure. Lucy Zodion’s key objective was to create a secure shell that safely encloses such equipment.
• Another objective was to develop a solution that withstands harsh  environments and blends into the surrounding landscape.
• As it was to stand in a public space, safety credentials had to be proven to meet the regulations and standards as specified by the council.
• The unit had to be built to last while enduring different climates and environmental aspects such as vandalism, therefore the use of robust
materials were required

The Solution

Lucy Zodion’s solution was a power distribution enclosure that could adequately house the electrical components required to illuminate the Square’s 6LEDs. An unpainted 1600mm (h) x1500mm (w) hot dipped galvanised pillar, with hasp and staple lock, was provided by Lucy Zodion, who worked with the Council to unsure the solution met their unique requirements. 


Compact and inconspicuous, the enclosure now sits modestly on the outskirts of the Square in a grassy verge. Using hot dipped galvanised steel, the shell not only meets design requirements but increases longevity as it incorporates additional protection from corosion. It met the objectives, as below:

  •  Secure – Lucy Zodion provided Bradford Council with a power distribution enclosure made from steel with an additional galvanised finish and doors that fasten via a high quality stainless steel lock and key.This means that only those with access to a key can open the unit up, securing the components within from tampering and allowing easy access, should maintenance or upgrades be required.
  • Solid and inconspicuous –The 3mm thick high grade galvanised steel structure of the enclosure makes it extremely robust and able to withstand harsh environments. In order for it to meet specific design requirements, the unit was supplied unpainted to enable colour matching on-site, meeting the scheme’s modern design, yet ensuring it didn’t stand out and contrast against the existing backdrop. The unit’s position was also carefully selected to ensure the electricity network was able to reach the distribution board, but also to keep it hidden from public tampering while assuring access for maintenance and upgrade requirements.
  • Safe – The power distribution solution meets BS7671 and BSEN61439 standards. Additionally, Lucy Zodion is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2000 certified, which ensures all processes from design to delivery are handled to the highest standard. In addition, the hasp and staple lock on the unit helps to secure it from tampering, keeping the components within protected and only accessible by Council employees.
  • Longevity – The process of hot dip galvanisation means that an extra layer of zinc is added to the steel, this forms an extra level of protection that keeps the unit more robust and longer lasting, even in harsh weather conditions

Darren Stansfield, Street Lighting Design Engineer, Bradford Council,said:

Following the reputation from previous projects that Lucy Zodion has collaborated on, with Bradford Council, the high quality of service, finished product and fast delivery times meant that they were the only choice to provide for the requirements needed on such a unique project.


Lucy Zodion’s solution means that Bradford now has a manageable and long-lasting energy supply to give power to the beautiful and effective lighting throughout the area of St. Blaise Square. It is a place that welcomes visitors and offers safety, while giving the city a new lease of life by way of effective urban design

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Image credit: Roger Moody