Lucy Zodion provide electrical solution for Blackpool trams


The individual tram stops and tram system in Blackpool required an overall upgrade. As part of these changes the feeder pillars that provide power to each stop were to be replaced.


Each tram stop has either one or two feeder pillars that are responsible for providing the electricity to power the tram stop lighting, ticket machines and advertising lighting. Lucy Zodion worked in conjunction with the client and created a bespoke design solution for the tram stops, producing a total of 38 pillars.

As part of the unique design each pillar has a voltage-limiting device. This is crucial as the tram stops work on an AC current but trams are powered by a DC current. The voltage limiting device is a safety feature that eliminates the risk of damage should a DC power line come into contact with the AC current. The feeder pillar voltage-limiting device acts a giant sponge to absorb the unwanted DC voltage.

Furthermore, as the feeder pillars are exposed to salt water and sand in the atmosphere, Lucy Zodion developed a special paint system which was used to coat the pillars to help prevent corrosion and reduce the need for either repair or replacement.

Leigh Jessiman, Business Unit Manager at Lucy Zodion, explained:

As we designed the equipment ourselves and sourced all of the materials, we were able to ensure that the pillars were subsequently easier to install on site. We are able to work closely with our client to create a bespoke solution for their specific needs which was right first time therefore reducing overall costs in terms of labour and materials