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Ki. is a secure and interoperable ecosystem of smart city hardware and software backed by a UK based service team with extensive industry knowledge.Our technology agnostic solutions are designed to leverage open protocol technologies, integrated into street lighting infrastructure, to provide more than just lighting control and simple energy savings.

Make your city smarter and more responsive in just three steps…

1. Control & Monitor

2. Evaluate & Analyse

3. Actionable Insights

Now in its third generation, Ki. Gen 3 enables enhanced decision-making and improved efficiencies, to support cities in achieving their Net Zero ambitions and goals, as well as improve citizen wellbeing.

  • Enables standard-based network to manage and control multiple urban applications 
  • Street lighting, parking and power distribution to waste collection, emergency – support services, and more
  • No single vendor tie-in or legacy technology 
Ki. Gen 3

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