Platforms designed for your smart city

Platform 1

The Ki. dashboard acts as a portal into the Ki. platform. It provides at a glance information about your smart city applications, for updates in an instant.


The Ki. City platform is the nerve centre for your smart city. It communicates with smart devices to display valuable insight into the changes on the street and how they impact the needs of the community. Manageable via an easy to use interface, the system translates data into meaningful reports and insights that give you a better understanding of citizen and urban requirements.

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Platform 3

The Ki. installation tool allows those in the field to quickly and accurately deploy street lighting nodes and commission them, simultaneously, in just a few steps. Making the entire process paperless, the app links directly with the Ki. platform to plot connected streetlights and monitor performance variables in a matter of seconds.

  • Device provided – to ensure all Ki. nodes can be commissioned effectively, Lucy Zodion provides a rugged device with the Ki. installation tool already installed, as part of the Ki. set-up kit.
  • Scan and go – with just three steps to follow for complete deployment, the Ki. installation tool helps installers scan and go for quick and simple commissioning.
  • Go paperless – recording all nodes and their co-ordinates digitally not only reduces installation times, it improves accuracy for seamless smart city integration in seconds.

Ki. enables the development of smart cities both today and tomorrow. It integrates a number of operational features to create connected, efficient and manageable urban spaces. These include:

Ability to expand and add on new applications to reflect the evolving needs of the city. This is possible thanks to the open architecture in which Ki. communicates, allowing you to expand and integrate new applications or devices to match the growing requirements of the community.

Open protocol system enabling third party / integration of existing systems (TALQ, LoRaWAN). Ki. enhances scalability by ensuring system integration, regardless of vendor. Whether you want to upgrade your existing management system with Ki. nodes or the Ki. platform requires additional smart devices or sensors, the system is interoperable to give you flexibility to suit your growing requirements.

Developed to ensure your city enhances the way citizens live, work and interact, Ki. uses data generated from the street to build urban DNA. This means gathering various data sets from assets throughout the city and combining them to aggregate information and contextualise for deeper understanding.

Capture and communicate data securely and confidentially. Ki. secures urban data while providing vendor freedom. It’s been developed on the foundations of openness and meets the latest standards with security as specified in LoRaWAN 1.0, as well as working towards the new TALQ 2.0 open protocol.

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