Client: InstaVolt 

Location: Camphill Village Trust – Taurus Crafts 

Completed: Mar-24 


Lucy Electric: 500kVA package substation with a National Grid RMU, Lucy Sabre VRN2a TLF unit to NGED Specification and Lucy AcuLok LV cabinet with an 800A ACB. With the RMU to DNO spec and Transformer/LV to IDNO specs 

Lucy Zodion: Specialised 800A Main Supply Pillars for 6 x 160kW Chargers 


InstaVolt is renowned as the largest and most reliable EV charging network in the UK, setting the industry standard for rapid charging solutions. With a reputation built on excellence and reliability, InstaVolt’s commitment to providing top tier charging experiences means any new site must meet exacting standards. 


To ensure a seamless project execution from inception to completion, Lucy Electric and Lucy Zodion worked together to meticulously integrate essential service elements into its end-to-end solution for InstaVolt. 

This included noting the ducting positions in design drawings, sending the root sections in advance to accelerate civils progress, and the inclusion of cable clamps to streamline installation processes. 

An innovative back-to-back main supply pillar was designed to minimise the footprint and optimise space, ensuring the site could accommodate the required 6 x 160kW chargers. The pillar incorporates earth leakage protection, residual current protection, provisions for metering, surge protection, anti-condensation heaters, and service lights for enhanced safety and user experience. Finished off in black paint, to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the site visually. 

Alongside this, a comprehensive package substation solution was designed, tailored to seamlessly integrate medium and low-voltage power distribution while ensuring efficiency and compliance with industry standards. The centrepiece of this solution is a 500kVA package substation featuring a National Grid Ring Main Unit (RMU), meticulously engineered to DNO specifications, enhancing connectivity to the grid. The integration of Lucy Sabre VRN2a TLF unit further ensures adherence to NGED specifications, guaranteeing reliable performance and interoperability. Complementing this, the inclusion of a Lucy AcuLok LV cabinet equipped with an 800A ACB aligns with IDNO standards, providing flexibility and choice in transformer-mounted LV equipment. 

Beyond the technical specifications, both Lucy Zodion and Lucy Electric were proud to provide a holistic approach, providing end-to-end solutions from initial specification to delivery on-site. Including, the flexibility to accommodate various transformer manufacturers and third-party equipment requests, which underscores a commitment to meet diverse requirements while maintaining compliance with all DNO, IDNO, and general industrial specifications. 


By harnessing cutting-edge technology and expertise, InstaVolt continues to set the benchmark for user-friendly, reliable, and sustainable charging solutions. With initial installations underway at Cliff Court and Camphill Village Trust – Taurus Crafts, communities across the UK will benefit from convenient access to rapid charging facilities, driving the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. 

Tim Douglas, Head of Delivery at InstaVolt commented:  

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Lucy Electric and Lucy Zodion to advance EV charging infrastructure in the UK. Our partnership signifies a shared commitment to driving the electric mobility revolution forward, making EV charging an integral part of everyday life for communities across the country. 

“Lucy Electic’s expertise in crafting specialised charging solutions perfectly complements InstaVolt’s dedication to delivering top tier charging experiences. Together with Lucy Zodion, we are pioneering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of EV drivers and site owners. 

“Our collaboration ensures that our charging units are not only future-proofed but also optimised for future scalability, to allow us to continue to meet increasing demand for rapid charging. Just as reliability is paramount in our commitment to delivering 24/7 service, the robust solutions provided by Lucy Electric and Lucy Zodion help us to guarantee dependable performance and user satisfaction. 

“Through our collective efforts, we are driving towards a greener, more sustainable future, where electric vehicles play a central role in reducing emissions and shaping a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.”