Lucy Zodion adds new Occupational Health and Safety Certification to growing range of ISO Certified Management Systems

SOWERBY BRIDGE, UK: Lucy Zodion is pleased to announce it is now certified by the Quality Management System (QMS) to the new Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018).

The newly introduced Management System and Lucy Zodion’s respective certification reflects the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and employee focus.  By continuously striving to meet the latest standards, as outlined by ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation), Lucy Zodion is able to give its employees and customers confidence that it is striving to cater for their growing needs.

Providing Lucy Zodion with a framework for areas of improvement, ISO standards help the company comply with a globally adopted consensus of best practice. This supports innovation and development; elements that Lucy Zodion is a great advocate of.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Certification – ISO 45001

The new occupational health and safety standard is the world’s first. It has been introduced to help companies and organisations protect and enhance their workforce to drive business excellence. It has been designed to prevent work-related injury and ill-health and provide healthy workplaces.

As an International Standard, ISO 45001 crosses geographic, political, economic, commercial and social boundaries. This sets a single benchmark for the management of occupational health and safety. This is a benefit to Lucy Zodion as it continues to grow in new and existing markets across the globe.

Other benefits are:

  • Increase organisational resilience through proactive risk prevention, innovation and continual improvement
  • Strengthening of legal and regulatory compliance whilst reducing business losses
  • Demonstrates brand responsibility by committing to safe, healthy and sustainable work
  • One global occupational health and safety system for all businesses, of all sizes

Chris Dumon, Lucy Zodion’s Operations Director, says:

Achieving ISO 45001 certification shows our commitment to OH&S and embedded management compliance within our culture. I’d like to give a huge thank you to all our safety representatives within Lucy Zodion who have been at the forefront promoting compliance and awareness of health and safety throughout the business.

Lucy Zodion is confident that the new Certification will help the company make positive steps in the way employees work, with systems in place to offer assurance that people are its most important and valuable asset.

Further information on ISO: The International Organisation for Standardisation is a global, non-governmental independent organisation with a membership of 163 national standards bodies. Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. For more information on ISO please go to:


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