Lucy Zodion is pleased to announce it has received the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for its quality management system. The flagship standard means that Lucy Zodion can continue to uphold high standards throughout its quality processes across the entire company, with appropriate Certification to back it up.

Upholding such international standards helps Lucy Zodion work towards its ambition to have products on every street around the world, giving collaborators, customers and stake holders alike reassurance of the company’s expertise and regard for quality. As an electronics manufacturer this Certification is important, as it ensures that products are fit for purpose and internally regulated, prior to their release.

Adding an extra level of due diligence, Lucy Zodion’s updated Certification helps all employees within the organisation work towards a shared goal that keeps standards high and in-line with industry expectations. As a whole, this makes Lucy Zodion stronger and better equipped to facilitate continuous improvement across all levels within the company, through a clear understanding of business requirements and customer needs.

The new certificate combines the process approach with risk-based thinking for use at all levels in the organisation. It helps organisations, such as Lucy Zodion, to integrate the system into existing management systems and provides a solid base for sector-quality standards – all while taking into account the needs of regulators.

View Lucy Zodion’s new certification here