A new era in street lighting, the Vizion Central Management System (CMS) provides a complete street lighting management solution. Vizion CMS is a ‘quick to install’ system that gives you complete control of your street lighting network. It allows you to switch, vary light output and monitor from your computer or web enabled device. Vizion provides an extremely accurate control, monitoring and reporting system covering fault identification, energy use, billing, lamp status, performance data and predictive maintenance. Vizion CMS offers a flexible future for street lighting control.

Benefits of Vizion

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Real-time reporting and control
  • Highly scalable – interoperable products allow full integration within your lighting network, regardless of the number of lighting units
  • Benefits of the Vizion system
    – interoperability with other suppliers of WiMAC enabled equipment
    – scalability assures continued multi-vendor participation
  • LED compatible – Vizion CMS can also control LED lighting and other trends within the market
  • Flexible – programme up to 200,000 lights, and set different timers for individual groups of lighting units
  • Instant Fault Reporting – coupled with the Vizion hand held tester allows faults to be located and fixed quickly
  • Proven ROI – cancan reduce costs by up to 60%
  • Environmentally Friendly – can reduce energy usage by up to 60%

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