For on-demand power that is available in an instant, Lucy Zodion’s in-ground power distribution equipment offers the ideal solution. Discreet and retractable from the ground, for use only when needed and equipped with a number of power outlets to meet various electrical requirements, Lucy Zodion’s in-ground units have been optimised for safety and ease of use.

Ideal for application in urban regeneration schemes, public spaces and stadia, among others, in-ground hotspots can offer temporary power in a number of configurations. Power-up on demand with a range of standard options, as well as custom designs (upon request), with versatile, discreet, robust and safe in-ground units.

Provide power for vibrant places

Cities are hubs of diversity, not only by way of the citizens who populate them, but in the many developments and rejuvenation schemes that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.  Constantly evolving and growing, urban spaces require more power than ever to enable the many ongoing events and projects that shape a much more vibrant environment.

Lucy Zodion’s in-ground power distribution units have been developed to meet these growing needs and are suitable for a growing list of applications, where on-demand temporary power is required.

Why choose Lucy Zodion’s in-ground solutions?

Lucy Zodion has recently enhanced its range of retractable in-ground power distribution pillars to ensure optimised safety and simplicity, the range is:


  • 16A / 32A 240V socket arrangements available
  • 110*/230/400V A.C. variants
  • 50mm recess in covers can be finished with floor infill to blend in seamlessly

*Transformer required

Safe and secure

  • All components are fully earth bonded
  • Electrical components sealed to IP67
  • Individual socket RCBO protection
  • Stainless steel anti-vermin construction
  • Positive drainage to suit 100mm pipe

Easy to use

  • Assisted lift on lids
  • Fully operational in 60 seconds
  • Cable entry plates for glands: incoming and outgoing cable (to tub)
  • Cat flap for use with trailing leads

On-demand power whenever, wherever you need it

Lucy Zodion’s retractable in-ground units are versatile for use in a large range of environments. Not limited for city centres and market places, they can be adapted for the requirements of events spaces, stations, transport and more…

City centre application

Flush to the ground for discreet and safe housing, the Westminster range is perfect for city centre application where temporary power may be required in addition to the existing electrical infrastructure that feeds municipal assets.

Simple and safe to use for members of the public, the lift assist technology applied to lids and the tower make for quick access, where power is available from ground to socket in a matter of seconds. This makes them the ideal choice when untrained users have access, therefore the safety and quality measures Lucy Zodion tests its products to assure low risk.

Event space application

Providing temporary power for additional electrical requirements, in-ground retractable pillars mean that event spaces can benefit from spare power points, should it be necessary.  Flush to the ground when not required, event spaces benefit from optimised facilities when not in-use, reducing obstruction.

When instant power is required, the tower is retractable in a matter of seconds. Additionally, each unit can host up to five sockets in a variety of power combinations, meaning one can satisfy multiple requirements – meeting the varying needs of organisers regardless of the event type.

Transport terminal application

With thousands of people passing through platforms each day, public transport stations see increasing demand for flexible power supplies that are both safe and discreet. Seamlessly blending in to surroundings, with a versatile infill lid, the Lucy Zodion range of in-ground power distribution units are ideal for areas of high traffic.

Furthermore, in the instance of regeneration, such units offer an opportunity for providing more power should spaces expand and change. The uses of in-ground units are endless, providing a flexible solution for most on-demand power requirements.

Find out more about our range of in-ground power distribution units here.