Lucy Zodion solar panel installation set to generate 86,633kWh of renewable energy each year.

Lucy Zodion has a vested interest in sustainability. Many of our products help to reduce energy use, drive down emissions or create more sustainable places. We’ve now taken this one-step further and looked at how we, as a business, can become more environmentally friendly. As a busy workplace with offices, a factory and warehouse; the solution is solar…

Work commenced at Lucy Zodion, on 5th October 2021, for a rooftop solar panel installation. The Sowerby Bridge site will see 334 solar panels installed over the space of a week.

This is to offset the company’s annual energy consumption of 192,886kWh, with a renewable alternative. The installation, using 110.2kWp solar panels, is expected to generate 86,633kWh of solar power each year; almost halving the need for grid supply.

We continuously work to create a sustainable workplace.  Adding solar panels to generate power for Lucy Zodion will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, which in turn will make us more self-sufficient. We hope this sends the right message to our employees and stakeholders that sustainability is a part of everything we do.

Find out more about what we are doing to become more climate-positive, on our CSR page