The pulse of the leisure industry

Over 85 million people attend events in the UK each year, with the industry itself worth over £42billion. This provides 570,000 jobs and contributes to 35% of the UK visitor economy. Spanning across a number of different event types and sizes, the industry is a valuable asset that is growing in scale each and every year. In order to keep these events energised, a constant and reliable power supply is required and for this – power distribution capabilities are key.

With the popularity of pop-up events, intimate concerts and open air experiences increasing, event organisers often feel the pain of an inadequate or unavailable power supply. Whether hosted in arenas, parks or repurposed city centre spaces, events always require power where a generator is often inappropriate for the space, which is why temporary power distribution enclosures give a perfect alternative.

On-demand power

Depending on the type of event, it’s difficult to pin point the exact power requirements of a space. Music events might require more power than a conference, so defining the available supply for the space from the onset is not initially clear. To mitigate this and to ensure power is available as and when required, in-ground power solutions have been developed.

Discreet when not in use, retractable power distribution units are safe and almost unnoticed, which means events that don’t require additional power benefit from a clear walkway. This is with thanks to the 50mm recess in the unit’s lid which allows an infill for surface matching. However, when power is required they are easy to set-up and power is available from ground to socket in a matter of seconds, creating an on-demand power supply.

Meeting requirements

Standard in-ground power distribution units are available with 2 to 5 RCBO protected power outlets, each with various configurations of 16A and 32A, making them suitable to hook-up to a number of different devices. And, because many event spaces are held outside, each socket protects electrical components to IP66 to ensure public safety and product longevity. Additionally, being made from hot dipped galvanised steel (BS EN: 1461) the unit is robust and able to withstand heavy usage and a number of environmental conditions, giving it longevity in the field.

Should alternative features be required, there are a number of tailoring options to ensure the in-ground units adhere to project specifications. For example a 63A socket is available for those with higher power requirements and a ‘cat flap’ can be installed within the unit itself to allow for power distribution while the unit is in-ground; an adaptable solution that meets a number of requirements.

Powering public spaces

In-ground power distribution solutions aren’t only useful for events and concerts; they are also a valuable asset for public spaces. Giving city planners the freedom to enhance citizen services and build an interactive community, in-ground power distribution units provide opportunity for further occasions that enrich culture and enhance the local economy. Power requirements for markets, seasonal festivals and regeneration schemes can all benefit from the use of retractable in-ground pillars and, in some cases, even standard power distribution enclosures are also suitable.

From food vans and demonstration stages, to city centre fayres, power distribution helps to energise communities with the tools that improve engagement and attract local tourism. The discreet nature of in-ground units means that they can be installed within precincts and on the roadside, ready for connection when required. All that’s needed is for council contractors to unlock and set-up for stall holders, food distributors and entertainers to plug and play.

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