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As the UK’s leading provider of photocells and street lighting accessories, we can supply you with reliable and easy to assemble components. Designed to simplify your manufacturing processes, our offering delivers the highest performance.

Manufacturing street lighting technology, from photocells to fused products, we can supply you with the infrastructure you need to create high quality equipment that is ready to install.


Our wide range of photocells have been developed to integrate seemlessly with your luminaire specification

KnowHow: PrecizionHALO - a photocell for future cities

Precise, Powerful, Petite The new PrecizionHALO packs a number of features into its small, compact design and works with smart lighting driver Xitanium SR for low energy…

Zhaga Book 18 Edition 2.0 – What’s new?

In 2018 we announced that our latest photocell innovation, PrecizionHALO, had launched. Among its many beneficial features, one of the things that makes the photocell stand out is…

KnowHow: The Lamp post in the smart city

Urban populations are rising rapidly: by 2030 over 90% of the UK’s population is expected to be living in urban environments. Cities are improving or replacing ageing…
November 2018

PrecizionHALO now part of SR Certified Partner Program

Lucy Zodion’s latest SR photocell added to Philips Lighting Partner Program to drive interoperability for outdoor street lighting Lucy Zodion, specialist innovator of street…

KnowHow: Which Photocell should I choose?

Introduced over half a century ago, photocells were designed to automate the switching on/ off of streetlights to simultaneously reduce energy costs and increase efficiency. Since…
September 2011

KnowHow: Part-night Photocells

How part-night photocells work At the heart of a Lucy Zodion part-night photocell is a microcontroller which measures the time elapsed between selected symmetrical light levels in…

KnowHow: Introduction to Photocells

Introduction to photocells, or Photo-Electric Control Units (PECUs); light operated switches. They switch the supply ON to a load when the light level falls beneath a given value…

KnowHow: Street Lighting Control

Effective lighting plays an important role in keeping streets and roads safe for drivers and pedestrians alike and Lucy Zodion’s Lighting controls have gained an unrivalled…
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