Making small steps for a brighter future

As we rapidly approach 2030, we are becoming more aware of the measures we must take to ensure we meet our net-zero ambitions. Sustainability is a key part of our business, many of our products are sustainable in some way; from photocells that improve energy efficiencies and pillars that support the growing EV charging infrastructure, to connected lighting and smart city solutions that collect meaningful environmental data.

The steps we are taking

While we strive to help our customers meet important environmental, efficiency and decarbonisation goals, we also work hard to ensure our business is also contributing to a climate friendly future.

We are committed to the protection of the environment and maintain ISO 14001 registration to support our endeavours. Because of this, we are constantly looking at ways we can enhance both environmental and business performance, as well as ensure expectations of regulatory compliance and other best practices are met.

Our key aims are:

  • We must reduce waste both in our supply chain and our own operations
  • We must increase the percentage of waste recycled therefore reducing the percentage of waste going to RDF
  • We must consider the impact of our operations and products on the environment and seek to reduce this impact wherever possible and this needs to be a cradle to grave approach

2021 Targets

Each year we set out targets that support our commitment to zero waste to landfill; separating waste streams into Dry Mixed Recyclable waste and General waste which is turned into fuel (Refuse Derived Fuel).

The target for 2021 is for the percentage of recycled waste to increase to over 90%. As we reached the end of quarter three in September, our analysis shows that we’ve already exceeded this goal; 92% of the waste we produce being recycled. This is the highest percentage of recycled waste produce in over six years, with a consistent increase each year since 2018.

As a result of our recycling efforts, our generation of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is also decreasing. Over the past four years Lucy Zodion’s RDF has decreased by 80%, from 40% in 2018 to just 8% in 2021 (to date). This is a positive step, as it means we are producing less general waste as a company and instead becoming more aware of the materials that can be recycled.

A Brighter Future

Waste reduction remains an important objective for Lucy Zodion. The latest results of our zero waste to landfill analysis show promise for the future and, combined with our recent rooftop solar installation, prove that we are dedicated to helping create a more climate friendly planet.

In the future we aim to look deeper into the supply chain, where we can remove single use packaging or choose alternative sustainable / reusable materials. These steps, although small on their own, combine to make great strides for a more sustainable future.