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The growing demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) and the resulting strain charging infrastructure has on our electrical network, means a wide range of safe and compliant connection solutions are required. From DNO accredited cut-outs and isolators for on-street chargers, through to larger ‘heavy duty’ connection pillars for fast, rapid and super chargers, Lucy Zodion’s products and design team can solve your connection requirements.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pre-wired power distribution enclosures, we understand the importance of electrical safety and flexibility to meet the growing demands of power infrastructure. EV is becoming commonplace throughout the UK, with a number of initiatives in-place to drive-up use of electric vehicles in a bid to reduce emissions and increase efficiencies. As the demand for EV increases, there becomes a growing need for the implementation of accessible charge points, meaning a step-change in urban infrastructure is required, therefore the demand for power distribution solutions are on the up.

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With this in mind Lucy Zodion is able to meet a number of EV power distribution requirements, to meet almost all specifications, configurations and styles.  We have an in-house Design Centre dedicated to the design and manufacture of bespoke power distribution pillars and have extended our service to EV power distribution enclosures, developing solutions to meet growing demand. The benefits of our service include:

  • Case-for-case approach to EV power distribution projects to ensure we meet your specification objectives
  • In-house Design Centre to ensure approved drawings are closely followed and tested for functionality, fit and form, based on drawings
  • IET and BS industry standards followed to ensure product suitability and conformity at application
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As plans for the ‘Road to Zero’ become clearer, transport has been identified as a key focus to ensure the nation is able to meet its net zero targets by 2050. As a result, a range of Governmental initiatives have been introduced to drive the uptake of electric vehicles (EV). One of these intiatives is to make on-street EV charging more accessible to residents without access to private charging facilties, with £2.5 million funding to be made available for the provision of over 1,000 on-street electric car charge points.

On-street charging can be provided by either streetside charge points, or via transforming existing street furniture into charging hubs; such as lampposts. As a specialist in the street lighting industry for over 50 years, we have a wealth of knowledge in the electrical infrastructure and equipment necessary to provide effective and safe illumination. This knowledge means that we can develop connected, adaptive and reliable solutions to meet the growing demand for on-street EV charging.

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Our on-street connection products enable EV charge point manufacturers to utilise existing street lighting infrastructure and transform it into an EV charging facility that is both safe and accessible. Benefits of the solutions we offer to support on-street charging are:

  • Lucy Zodion has distribution network operator (DNO) approval throughout the UK, which means our fused products are compatible and compliant with most existing streetlight infrastructure.
  • Lucy Zodion’s fused street lighting solutions undergo rigorous in-house and third party testing (KEMA) to ensure they meet industry and safety standards
  • The on-street EV connection solutions we develop are in line with the IET Code of Practice for Electrical Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (BS7671:2008+A3: 2015)
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In order to ensure towns and cities are able to cope with the increasing demands EV and charging infrastructure place on them, collaboration throughout the entire ecosystem is vital.

Our position within the Lucy Group affords us with the ability to collaborate with Lucy Electric, specialist in innovative secondary power distribution solutions for industrial and commercial networks. Working together, Lucy companies are able to offer a holistic solution that helps to decarbonise, decentralise and digitalise urban spaces with smart, adaptive technology that considers the entire EV ecosystem and power infrastructure.

This approach doesn’t stop at power management and distribution; we are passionate about collaborating with EV specialists to ensure power reaches the streets in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. We have always viewed collaboration as central to evolution; stimulating innovation to help drive credible solutions to the market.

This means working with businesses throughout the supply chain to offer an end-to-end EV solution that energises the final mile. Find out how, via our case studies in the Innovation & News section at the bottom of this page.

Feeder Pillars

Available in standard sizes, with an in-house Design Centre for bespoke pre-wired solutions, Lucy Zodion’s power distribution enclosures are built with durability and safety…

Isolators & Cut Outs

The Lucy Zodion cut out and isolator range is extensive to suit most street lighting power requirements.
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Case Studies

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