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Street Lighting & Highways

Our many years of experience in the highways and street lighting industries mean that we understand the unique requirements for lighting control, power distribution and electrical safety. Check out the solutions we can offer for highway networks and street lighting infrastructure.

With over 50 years’ experience designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for highways, Lucy Zodion understands the importance such infrastructure has, which is why we remain one of the top choices for contractors and consultants within the industry. We are an authority on highway electrical systems and we are evolving to anticipate and respond to technical and market needs.

Launching our first photocell in the 1960’s we have led the way in developing smart lighting solutions that make streetlights more intuitive, efficient and easier to manage. Since then, we have introduced a number of products to our street lighting range; from lighting control to power distribution. Our products can be found in about 90% of the lighting columns throughout the UK.

As technology advances, illumination isn’t the only function lighting columns are tasked with. Their ubiquitous position throughout all major UK road networks means lampposts can host more intelligent solutions, beyond simply lighting the way. This is something we are experienced in and are capable to react to; we have been developing connected lighting solutions for the past decade to improve efficiencies and prepare networks for smart initiatives.

Our evolving range is down to a dedication to innovation, driven by our experienced R&D team.  Constantly striving to improve and enhance existing products, our in-house engineers have the knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that meet the dynamic specifications of modern lighting technology. This is confirmed with our ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ status, as chosen by our customers and awarded to us by highways industry body, the HEA, at the HEMSA Awards in 2017. Combine this with a deep understanding of highway lighting and power infrastructure, we are well equipped to deal with the real world requirements highway electrical infrastructure must fulfil.

DNO approved products

Lucy Zodion is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of street lighting cut outs and isolators. With a dedication to adhering to industry standards, as well as our own quality procedures, our fused products are tested independently by KEMA and manufactured considering the latest British Standards.

Due to our dedication to conformity and quality, we have a range of cut outs that are approved by every DNO throughout England, Scotland and Wales. This means that all regional operators are keeping streetlights connected with safe and reliable Lucy Zodion cut outs.

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We have a number of photocell solutions to meet the street lighting requirements of Highways Agencies.

Feeder Pillars

From empty shells to custom pre-wired solutions, our wide product offering is available in finishes specified by Highways England

Isolators & Cut Outs

Our range of Isolators & cut outs are now used by DNOs throughout UK and Northern Ireland
The lamp post has been realised as a valuable urban asset. One of the first pieces of roadside furniture to become digitalised, there's now many opportunities to convert street lights from standard urban and highway infrastructure into intelligent beacons of connectivity and data. Starting with street lighting control, our range of smart solutions can help to energise journeys by providing real-time insights into your lighting scheme . From fault reporting to asset management, we can help you take control of your smart highway network.

Intelligent street lighting CMS

Making outdoor lighting schemes smarter and more efficient, Lucy Zodion's Central Management System (CMS) means you can manage, control and monitor entire street lighting networks anytime, anywhere

Smart City insights from Ki. Unlock your potential...

A smart city solution from Lucy Zodion, Ki. enables you to do more than control your street lights, it helps you to build responsive cities and smart highways. The intuitive smart city platform communicates on-street events in an accessible and manageable way.

KnowHow: Safety First - Isolators and Cut-outs

In the lighting world isolators and cut-outs (otherwise known as fused products) have an important job. One that is often taken for granted; putting safety first while protecting…

KnowHow: PrecizionHALO - a photocell for future cities

Precise, Powerful, Petite The new PrecizionHALO packs a number of features into its small, compact design and works with smart lighting driver Xitanium SR for low energy…

KnowHow: Charging Ahead - Top five considerations for on-street EV charging

Lucy Zodion outlines its five key things to consider when installing an on-street charge point By David Hall, Head of Sales at Lucy Zodion The government has the unenviable task…

Zhaga Book 18 Edition 2.0 – What’s new?

In 2018 we announced that our latest photocell innovation, PrecizionHALO, had launched. Among its many beneficial features, one of the things that makes the photocell stand out is…
September 2019

Lucy Zodion extends offering with new Services

Smart City specialist provides complete service solution to help users connect, select and optimise, for enhanced street lighting and smart city management. SOWERBY BRIDGE, UK:…

Spotlight on: Festive Units

While street lighting provides a fundamental and functional role in illuminating our streets, roads and highways, it can also be instrumental in ensuring cities are appealing and…

KnowHow: Street lighting infrastructure and on-street EV charging

The UK Government recently announced it would double available funding for on-street electric car charge points, to £2.5 million. The extra funding will contribute to the…
August 2019

TALQ Version 2 Gateway optimises openness for Lucy Zodion’s Ki. smart city solution

Lucy Zodion’s Ki. platform is now certified to the latest TALQ specification to ensure interoperability with other smart city solutions PRESS RELEASE SOWERBY BRIDGE, UK: Lucy…
Case Studies

Case Study: Taking charge of safe and reliable on-street EV infrastructure

Project Summary Project name: Taking charge of safe and reliable on-street EV infrastructure Location: Greater London, UK Completed: 2019 Products used: Lucy Zodion single phase…

KnowHow: Reaching the streets with power distribution for EV charging

The damage fossil fuels have on the planet is widely understood, with climate change and air pollution causing irreplaceable destruction to communities across the world. As the…

KnowHow: Cleaner solutions for sustainable urban spaces

The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the UK can end its contributions to global warming within 30 years by setting a new target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

KnowHow: Power Distribution for highways and road networks

The pulse of highway infrastructure Roads are the most popular method of transport in the UK, with the majority of journeys made by car or van. There are approximately 2,300 miles…

KnowHow: What to consider when specifying a bespoke pillar...

Power distribution equipment has long had an important role; supplying power for street lighting infrastructure and other electrical urban assets. As urban planning and…

KnowHow: The Lamp post in the smart city

Urban populations are rising rapidly: by 2030 over 90% of the UK’s population is expected to be living in urban environments. Cities are improving or replacing ageing…

Smart street lighting - making the switch

Street lighting has evolved somewhat since it was first introduced some 200 years ago. Once simply a solution to help illuminate roads and pathways, smart street lighting is now a…
November 2018

PrecizionHALO now part of SR Certified Partner Program

Lucy Zodion’s latest SR photocell added to Philips Lighting Partner Program to drive interoperability for outdoor street lighting Lucy Zodion, specialist innovator of street…

KnowHow: Which Photocell should I choose?

Introduced over half a century ago, photocells were designed to automate the switching on/ off of streetlights to simultaneously reduce energy costs and increase efficiency. Since…

KnowHow: What you need to know about the latest Vizion updates

The latest release notes from the Vizion CMS now make it even easier to maintain, upgrade and report on your outdoor lighting network, in order to improve efficiencies and…
August 2018

Lucy Zodion secures sole approval for Street lighting cut outs in Western Power Distribution Network

Lucy Group now specified within G81 regulations for industrial and commercial underground connected loads up to and including 11kV SOWERBY BRIDGE, UK: Lucy Zodion Ltd, leading…

KnowHow: Enabling hardware - an asset for smart city integration

Lucy Zodion looks at the importance of hardware in an ever connected and digital urban landscape Digitalisation is a growing concept that cities are harnessing worldwide. From IoT…
Case Studies

Case Study: adding extra sparkle to Bolton's streets

Lucy Zodion provides enabling hardware and CMS software technology to give Bolton’s streets extra sparkle Background Lucy Zodion has worked with Bolton Council for a number…
Case Studies

Case Study: Bolton Council enhances school safety with signalled lighting controls

Lucy Zodion uses Vizion CMS to enhance school safety with advisory 20mph warning signs across the borough Background Bolton Council has assigned a £1million pot to repair and…

Report: Our Enlightened Future

The way we use and live in cites is changing across the world, as urban populations grow and as technology enables us to create smarter,more connected solutons. The UK has…
Case Studies

Case Study: Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Lucy Zodion Vizion CMS solution for Bolton Borough Council Background Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council has worked with Lucy Zodion for fifteen years purchasing via procurement,…
Case Studies

Case Study: Leicestershire County Council

Part-night energy reduction scheme for Leicestershire County Council Background Lucy Zodion has worked with the street lighting team at Leicestershire County Council for 15 years.…
Case Studies

Case Study: Lancashire Council School Crossing Units

Lucy Zodion provides a solution for LCC School Crossing Units Background Lucy Zodion Ltd has worked with Lancashire County Council for over 20 years. In early 2012 the Council…
Case Studies

Case Study: Zcell Photocells for Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire County Council save with Lucy Zodion photocells Background With a large proportion of its 93,000 street lights reaching the end of their natural life,…
Case Studies

Case Study: Auckland Transport New Zealand

Lucy Zodion provide cut outs for Auckland Transport Background Auckland Transport is responsible for all of Auckland’s Transport services, including roads, footpaths, cycle…
Case Studies

Case Study: Llanwern Steel Works Redevelopment

Lucy Zodion provides isolator solutions for Llanwern redevelopment Background As part of redevelopment work at the Llanwern Steel Works, a new link road connecting a newly built…
Case Studies

Case Study: festive cheer to Leicester

Lucy Zodion provides festive lighting solution to Leicester City Council Background Leicester City Council wished to modernise some of the street lighting distribution equipment…
Case Studies

Case Study: Blackpool Council and Tram Services

Lucy Zodion provide electrical solution for Blackpool trams Background The individual tram stops and tram system in Blackpool required an overall upgrade. As part of these changes…
Case Studies

Case Study: Diwali in Leicester

Lucy Zodion helps to light up Diwali celebrations in Leicester Background Leicester City Council wished to modernise some of the street lighting distribution equipment around the…
Case Studies

Case Study: Trinidad and Tobago

Over 100,000 photocells supplied to Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission Background The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission is committed to using high quality…
Case Studies

Case Study: North East Lincolnshire Council

Vizion CMS Solution for North East Lincolnshire Council Background North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC), which is responsible for around 19,000 street lights, was looking for an…
Case Studies

Case Study: Calderdale Council

Lucy Zodion provides Vizion CMS for Calderdale Council Background Lucy Zodion worked with Calderdale Council to trial its Vizion technology, a central management system to control…
Case Studies

Case Study: Stockport Council

Lucy Zodion provides a Vizion CMS for Stockport Council to monitor its streetlighting installation Background Lucy Zodion Ltd was appointed by Stockport Council to supply lighting…
Case Studies

Case Study: Bradford Municipal Borough Council

Lucy Zodion provide a Vizion CMS for Bradford MBC to save energy Background Lucy Zodion has worked with the street lighting design and maintenance engineers at the City of…
Case Studies

Case Study: Derry Council

Lucy Zodion provides a Vizion CMS system for Derry Council Background As part of Derry’s preparation for City of Culture status in 2013, Derry City Council is undertaking a…
Case Studies

Case Study: Cornwall Council

Lucy Zodion provides a Vizion CMS solution for Cornwall Council Background After a comprehensive evaluation of central management system manufacturers, with a view to installing a…
September 2011

KnowHow: Part-night Photocells

How part-night photocells work At the heart of a Lucy Zodion part-night photocell is a microcontroller which measures the time elapsed between selected symmetrical light levels in…

KnowHow: Introduction to Photocells

Introduction to photocells, or Photo-Electric Control Units (PECUs); light operated switches. They switch the supply ON to a load when the light level falls beneath a given value…

KnowHow: Street Lighting Control

Effective lighting plays an important role in keeping streets and roads safe for drivers and pedestrians alike and Lucy Zodion’s Lighting controls have gained an unrivalled…
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