Over 100,000 photocells supplied to Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission


The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission is committed to using high quality technical products for its lighting equipment.  Consequently the company needed to work with a manufacturer who could meet its specific technical needs. Working with local agent Russell Smith of Seaport Enterprises, Lucy Zodion was an ideal fit to be able to deliver the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission’s exacting photocell requirements.


Following an initial successful tender to supply the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission with photocells, Lucy Zodion went on to supply 24,000 SS5DR photocells in 2005.

Using its design team, in 2012 Lucy Zodion was able to develop a new bespoke photocell – the SS5DRHD TTEC. These photocells are rated to IP67 with a light setting of 50 Lux, in line with the requirements of T&TEC’s specification. This innovative photocell was one of the new generation programmable units with the latest sensing devices.  A single printed circuit board could be programmed in the factory to become one of several models and was therefore much a more flexible and sophisticated photocell.

Lucy Zodion has continued to supply further photocells with the total number ordered to date standing at over 100,000.


It is the ability of Lucy Zodion to develop bespoke high end reliable lighting solutions that has seen the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission continue to place orders for photocells.

Robert Ashworth, Export Sales Manager at Lucy Zodion Ltd, said:

Working with the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission has been both challenging and highly rewarding.  Developing bespoke photocells that met all of their technical requirements and then going on to produce the volumes required within quite tight timescales has meant that we have had to really work hard to ensure that as a business we delivered everything right first time. Nonetheless knowing that we have been able to fulfil the orders and create a reliable and quality product that has over time been further improved is extremely rewarding to us as a business.  It is always gratifying to be able to work with a client over a period of time and know that we are enhancing their ability to provide reliable street lighting solutions.