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Many of our products are suitable for use in public urban spaces, not just roads and streets. If you’re looking for exterior lighting and power distribution solutions for retail, industrial or commercial projects, we have an expansive range of products that can help.

Over 85 million people attend events in the UK each year, with the industry itself worth over £42 billion. This provides 570,000 jobs and contributes to 35% of the UK visitor economy. Spanning across a number of different event types and sizes, the industry is a valuable asset that is growing in scale each and every year. In order to keep these events energised, a constant and reliable power supply is required and for this, power distribution capabilities are key.

With the popularity of pop-up events, intimate concerts and open air experiences increasing, event organisers often feel the pain of an inadequate or unavailable power supply. Whether hosted in arenas, parks or re-purposed city centre spaces, events always require power where a generator is often inappropriate for the space, which is why temporary power distribution enclosures give a perfect alternative.


Photocells for outdoor amenity lighting

Feeder Pillars

Steel pillars, in-ground pillars and custom solutions

Isolators & Cut Outs

Fused products for unique lighting projects

Vizion® CMS - intelligent street lighting

Intelligent street light management
Case Studies

Case Study: Empowering EV journeys for UK’s first Solar Powered Park & Ride

Lucy Zodion has designed five bespoke EV Supply Pillars for the UK’s first Solar Powered Park & Ride, in Leeds. The pillars at Stourton Park & Ride use energy,…
Case Studies

Case Study: Driving down emissions for Portishead flagship EV Hub

Portishead’s flagship Rapid EV Charging Hub installs bespoke Lucy Zodion EV supply pillar to connect DNO with charge points. Project Summary Project name: Driving lower…
Case Studies

Case Study: Energising Bristol’s first ever rapid charging hub with EV supply pillar

Project Summary Project name: Energising Bristol’s first ever rapid charging hub with EV supply pillars Location: Eastville Park, Bristol UK Completed: 2019 Products used:…
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