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We’re committed to innovating futureproof street lighting control and power distribution systems for urban and highway infrastructure. Our key focus is providing solutions that can meet and exceed the growing needs of connected and environmentally conscious communities across the world.

As the impetus of energy efficiency and municipal management grows, street lighting as we know it is transforming from illumination hardware into a valuable urban asset. Used to facilitate a number of smart solutions that help enrich communities, the connected lamppost has been realised as an integral factor for smarter, more responsive cities. This, alongside the integration of IoT, means streetlights are ever evolving as pivotal features throughout urban areas, providing citizens and councils alike with enhanced more intuitive services.

Our solutions take street lighting beyond illumination. Find out how we are innovating for the future with our KnowHow blogs and Case Studies, below…



Smart street lighting - making the switch

Street lighting has evolved somewhat since it was first introduced some 200 years ago. Once simply a solution to help illuminate roads and pathways, smart street lighting is now a…

KnowHow: Cut-outs and isolators – the secret weapon in street lighting safety

Lucy Zodion is an industry leader in the design and development of street lighting control products, with a range of solutions that span from the ground up; encompassing in-ground…

KnowHow: Why choose in-ground Power Distribution Units?

For on-demand power that is available in an instant, Lucy Zodion’s in-ground power distribution equipment offers the ideal solution. Discreet and retractable from the ground,…

KnowHow: PrecizionHALO - a photocell for future cities

Precise, Powerful, Petite The new PrecizionHALO packs a number of features into its small, compact design and works with smart lighting driver Xitanium SR for low energy…

KnowHow: Vizion® - Guiding the journey to smarter lighting

For over 10 years Lucy Zodion has been helping to guide cities on a smarter lighting journey with its Vizion® system. Taking lighting control to the next level, for improved…

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study: A decade of digital street lighting control

How Cornwall Council saved £26m in 10 years with remote streetlight management… Background: In 2009, Cornwall Council worked with the Lucy Zodion team in order to undertake…
Case Studies

Case Study: Generating New Life for Bradford's Saint Blaise Square

Project Sumary Project name: Generating new life for Saint Blaise Square Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire Date of completion: 2017 Products used: Bespoke power…
Case Studies

Case Study: adding extra sparkle to Bolton's streets

Lucy Zodion provides enabling hardware and CMS software technology to give Bolton’s street’s extra sparkle Background Lucy Zodion has worked with Bolton Council for a…
Case Studies

Case Study: Bolton Council enhances school safety with signalled lighting controls

Lucy Zodion uses Vizion CMS to enhance school safety with advisory 20mph warning signs across the borough Background Bolton Council has assigned a £1million pot to repair and…

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