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We’re committed to innovating future-proof street lighting control and power distribution systems for urban and highway infrastructure. Our key focus is providing solutions that can meet and exceed the growing needs of connected and environmentally conscious communities across the world.

As the impetus of energy efficiency and municipal management grows, street lighting as we know it is transforming from illumination hardware into a valuable urban asset. Used to facilitate a number of smart solutions that help enrich communities, the connected lamppost has been realised as an integral factor for smarter, more responsive cities. This, alongside the integration of IoT, means streetlights are ever evolving as pivotal features throughout urban areas, providing citizens and councils alike with enhanced more intuitive services.

Our solutions take street lighting beyond illumination. Find out how we are innovating for the future with our KnowHow blogs and Case Studies, below…



KnowHow: PrecizionHALO - a photocell for future cities

Precise, Powerful, Petite The new PrecizionHALO packs a number of features into its small, compact design and works with smart lighting driver Xitanium SR for low energy…

KnowHow: Charging Ahead - Top five considerations for on-street EV charging

Lucy Zodion outlines its five key things to consider when installing an on-street charge point By David Hall, Head of Sales at Lucy Zodion The government has the unenviable task…

Zhaga Book 18 Edition 2.0 – What’s new?

In 2018 we announced that our latest photocell innovation, PrecizionHALO, had launched. Among its many beneficial features, one of the things that makes the photocell stand out is…

Spotlight on: Festive Units

While street lighting provides a fundamental and functional role in illuminating our streets, roads and highways, it can also be instrumental in ensuring cities are appealing and…

KnowHow: Street lighting infrastructure and on-street EV charging

The UK Government recently announced it would double available funding for on-street electric car charge points, to £2.5 million. The extra funding will contribute to the…

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study: Taking charge of safe and reliable on-street EV infrastructure

Project Summary Project name: Taking charge of safe and reliable on-street EV infrastructure Location: Greater London, UK Completed: 2019 Products used: Lucy Zodion single phase…
Case Studies

Case Study: Energising the last mile in Milborne Port with power distribution for EV

Project Summary Project name: Energising the last mile with power distribution for EV Location: Milborne Port, UK Completed: March 2019 Products used: LZ PWP Installers:…
Case Studies

Case Study: Taking charge of power distribution for Gallagher Shopping Park

Project Summary Project name: Taking charge of power distribution for Gallagher Shopping Park Park Location: Wednesbury, UK Completed: 2018 Products used: Bespoke Lucy Zodion…
Case Studies

Case Study: A decade of digital street lighting control

How Cornwall Council saved £26m in 10 years with remote streetlight management… Background: In 2009, Cornwall Council worked with the Lucy Zodion team in order to undertake…



Report: Our Enlightened Future

The way we use and live in cites is changing across the world, as urban populations grow and as technology enables us to create smarter,more connected solutons. The UK has…

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