Client: SSE Energy Solutions (on behalf of Oxford Properties and M7 Real Estate)  

Location: 20 locations, with up to 12 charging bays, across the UK, including Poole and Colchester

Completed: Works are ongoing, and due for completion by 2030 

Products: Transformer mounted LV Pillar, 2500A ACB with up to 8 x 150kW supplies  



SSE Energy Solutions, a leading player in the energy sector, is one year into their programme aimed at expanding the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. In partnership with global commercial real estate investor and asset manager, Oxford Properties, and portfolio company M7 Real Estate (M7), SSE is set to deliver EV Charging Hubs at retail parks managed by M7 throughout the UK. The project’s objective is to provide widespread access to EV charging for the public while they shop, with plans to build 200 charging bays powered by traceable, 100% green, renewable energy. 

 Lucy Zodion, a British manufacturer of electrical infrastructure solutions, is excited to join forces with SSE supporting this groundbreaking project. Their partnership comes after the successful launch of an initial pilot pillar within the Oxfordshire Park & Charge initiative. 

 SSE’s objective was to establish new EV charging sites, each equipped with up to 12 bays, in 20 of Oxford’s retail warehousing parks across the UK and Ireland. The rapid deployment was essential to meet the surging demand for EV charging services. All of the charging bays are designed with ultra-rapid charging capabilities, offering charging rates of up to 150kW, allowing users to achieve an 80% charge within approximately 40 minutes. This significant technological advancement drastically reduces charging times compared to conventional 50kW chargers, greatly enhancing the convenience of EV charging. The retail charging infrastructure created through this partnership is projected to recharge approximately 2 million vehicles each year.  



 Addressing the complex charging requirements of a portfolio of sites, which aim to boost footfall and encourage dwell time, is no small task. Drivers seeking a convenient and dependable charging solution while they shop expect to return to a fully charged car as swiftly as possible. We were delighted to work with SSE to develop an ultra-rapid power management and surge protection pillar specification that streamlines each installation. 

 Our Transformer Mounted LV (low voltage) Close Coupled Pillar, offered a compact and factory assembled solution, engineered for rapid installation. Our pillar configuration can manage an impressive 2500 Amp, and features a Triple Pole Air Circuit Breaker, with fixed neutral. This breaker can simultaneously interrupt the circuit in all three phases, providing comprehensive protection against potential overloads and short circuits within the range of 1600A to 3200A. Additionally the pillar boasts fully adjustable trip units and Earth Leakage protection. 

 The pillar’s configuration can be tailored to meet specific metering requirements, with the Lucy Electric RTU utilised for switching and monitoring of the ACB within the pillar, enhancing operator safety. Each LV pillar can accommodate up to eight 150kW supplies, ensuring ample charging capacity. 

 At the initial site in Colchester, we had the privilege of working alongside our sister company, Lucy Electric. Here, our LV Pillar was enclosed within an additional housing, consolidating all electrical infrastructure under one roof. Our Close Coupled Pillar is strategically positioned adjacent to Lucy Electric’s Ring Main Unit (RMU), which serve the purpose of protecting and controlling the secondary distribution, including underground cabling networks. The RMU is employed across SSE’s network, extending its utility beyond just EV charging. 

 The deployment at Colchester was just the beginning. Subsequent sites, including Poole, mark the next steps in this exciting project. 


SSE’s vision, supported by Lucy Zodion’s expertise in electrical infrastructure solutions, will lead to the successful deployment of a substantial EV charging network across the UK. A partnership that not only contributes to the acceleration of EV infrastructure deployment but also supports the UK government’s commitment to phase out traditional internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. By providing fast and sustainable charging solutions, we’re helping to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. 

 Jonathan Richardson, Construction Manager, at SSE Energy Solutions, said: “It is vital that we face the EV infrastructure challenge head on if we are to meet our ambitious decarbonisation targets. Working with reliable partners, such as Lucy Zodion, who meet and often exceed our site requirements and provide a very good level of service is critical to our success”.