Lucy Zodion produce specialist equipped cabinet for London Velodrome


As part of the preparations for the London Olympics 2012, a new Velodrome facility was constructed. The Velodrome required a safe method of supplying electricity within the facility.


There were some very specific issues that had to be addressed as part of this project. Firstly, the architect had very specific design requirements for how the electrical feeder pillar should look. It would be situated inside the Velodrome, inside walls located in the service tunnels. Secondly, as the Olympics were not going to be using electricity from the national grid but instead from its own locally generated separate supply, the pillar needed to be designed to facilitate this need.

Lucy Zodion worked in conjunction with the architects, civil and electrical engineering teams to develop two bespoke custom built generator hook-up pillars for the Velodrome. The pillars that were produced by Lucy Zodion were designed to be flush at the front in order to fit into the concrete housing that was built into a wall. This met all the requirements from an aesthetic point of view.

Operationally, the pillars were designed for mains distribution from an incoming 1600amp generator. Lucy Zodion created a bespoke cable hook up system with a 1600amp incoming supply and bus bar system. This meant that the pillars could connect with the generator and would then feed the power out to the sub mains distribution boards located in the heart of the Velodrome.

Leigh Jessiman, Business Unit Manager, Pre Wired Pillars at Lucy Zodion explained:

The work for the Velodrome was very complex in that it was not a straightforward project and that we needed to liaise with so many different teams of people. However, we created a pillar that met all of the requirements and stood up to the varying demand of the team at the Velodrome during the intense pressure of the Olympics. Furthermore we delivered on time and on budget.